Concrete Countertops Pictures
West Coast Concrete Design (WCCD)
Edmonton, AB

In a home in the Rocky Mountains, the client asked for a countertop that would remind him of the majestic landscape. For the master bedroom counter, West Coast Concrete Design created a very natural and organic-looking countertop and backsplash. Built in a triangle-shaped form, the concrete backsplash was poured in steps to create variation in the layers. The top edge was left exposed and then various tools were used to create the rugged edge of the backsplash. On the face of the backsplash, minimal grinding was done to the top and bottom portions, and more grinding was done in the middle to create the rough look. The project measured 76” long x 1’ high. The side piece was 22” long. Both the countertop and backsplash were colored with pigments that were added to the concrete mix.

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