• Stained Concrete
    Stained Concrete Photo Gallery Browse our library of decorative concrete pictures for staining inspiration and ideas for indoors and out. Stained Concrete Pictures
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  • Staining Concrete
    Why Choose Stained Concrete? Stained floors offer a number of advantages that other materials, such as carpet and tile can’t match. Compare Stained Concrete
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    Concrete Flooring Overview Discover the benefits of concrete flooring and learn about stenciling, polishing and overlays. Concrete Floor Info
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Stained Concrete Information
Stained Concrete Pictures Browse a collection of indoor and outdoor concrete stained a variety of colors.
Stained Concrete Cost The price of stained concrete starts at $2 to $4 per square foot and increases with complexity.
Stained Concrete Color Chart See samples of popular color choices for staining concrete floors and outdoor surfaces.
Stained Concrete Videos Watch 17 videos with expert design ideas for using stained concrete in residential and commercial settings.
Stained Concrete FAQs Find answers to common questions about stained concrete benefits, appearance, performance and maintenance.
Staining Concrete Patios Get tips and design ideas for using stains to enhance a concrete patio.