The Concrete Network is all about concrete.

The Concrete Network's purpose is to educate homeowners, contractors, builders, and designers on popular decorative concrete techniques and applications.

With thousands of articles, photographs, and a comprehensive directory of concrete contractors and product suppliers, The Concrete Network offers the most comprehensive online resource for authoritative information about decorative concrete:

The Concrete Network is independent and not related (or beholden) to any contractor, manufacturer, or supplier.

The Concrete Network is a web service, but flourishes based on timeless principles:

  • Friendly and helpful people providing great customer service.
  • A talented team focused on getting results in the areas that matter.
  • Partnering with the best people in the concrete industry such as Bob Harris and Rocky Geans.

ReadershipThe Concrete Network connects decision-making buyers and sellers of concrete construction services and concrete products. Visitors have increased steadily since The Concrete Network was founded in 1999—more than 9 million visitors interested in concrete came to The Concrete Network in 2022.

That's an average of:

  • More than 173,000 per week
  • More than 24,000 per day

PhilosophyThe Concrete Network strives to be the highest quality online resource of accurate, independent, and balanced editorial content—all about concrete.

Our information sources are concrete contractors and decorative concrete artisans who are on the front line of the business and whose livelihood is concrete construction—they know what works and what doesn't.

Some of the decorative concrete experts we've collaborated with over the years are:

  • Bob Harris, president of the Decorative Concrete Institute
  • Chris Sullivan, vice president of sales and marketing with ChemSystems Inc
  • Anne Balogh, former editor of Concrete Construction magazine
  • Bill Palmer, current editor of Concrete Construction magazine
  • Tom Ralston, a third generation contractor as well as author and speaker
  • Fu-Tung Cheng, award-winning designer and best-selling author
  • Buddy Rhodes, considered to be the father of the concrete countertop
  • Rocky Geans, educator, speaker and construction consultant
  • Industry leaders from the past.

Other sources of information are proven building industry professionals and subject-matter experts, such as trainers. Their information is rooted in real-world experience designing, producing, or installing concrete.

The Concrete Network is truly the independent voice of concrete. We do not endorse any specific products. We do give appropriate credits to the building project team, concrete contractors, and manufacturers, whether they are a client of The Concrete Network or not.

The Concrete Network also encourages training and supports various professional groups and associations, including the American Society of Concrete Contractors, working in the building industry to promote best practices, standards and quality workmanship.

HistoryThe Concrete Network was founded in 1999 by Jim Peterson, a former Vice President of a major concrete contractor in Riverside, Calif., with at that time 14 years in the concrete business.

While walking the 1999 World of Concrete trade show in Las Vegas, Peterson realized that the industry was exploding with innovations such as concrete home forms, concrete colors and textures, micro toppings, stains and dyes, garage floor coatings, concrete polishing, pervious paving, etc. Even being in the business it was hard to comprehend all that was available.

Podcast: Hear Jim Peterson answer top concrete questions on the Ask Danny podcast from Today's Homeowner

At that point Peterson set out to organize the concrete applications in a way that interested consumers, builders, designers, and concrete contractors and their crews could find useful.

From the first month when it was just Peterson and a part time web master, and not even a 1000 people (mostly friends and family and anybody else who would listen) visited the site, to today where a passionate and talented team of people are serving the millions of visitors to The Concrete Network, the mission has been the same:

Provide accurate and useful concrete information in an easy to navigate and understand format.

ServicesFind-A-Contractor connects buyers and local contractors. It can be searched by state and region, as well as types of work.

Find-A-Product connects contractors with product manufacturers nationwide.

Training Schedules for contractors seeking to train their crews or gain expertise in new areas. This includes schools put on by manufacturers, and independent training programs.

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