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If you’re looking for a highly customizable countertop material, look no further. Concrete is incredibly versatile and offers many design options. From traditional styles with ornate edge details to sleek counters with a polished surface, concrete can be used to achieve anything imaginable. Explore the information below to discover what design options suit your taste.


Concrete is a very versatile material that can be used both indoors or out and in private homes or public spaces.


Concrete provides more color options and finishes than granite, marble, tile, or laminate. Plus, there's the possibility to integrate drainboards and trivets and create larger spans without seams that trap crumbs, grease and grime. Kitchen countertops can be cast to accommodate sinks, faucets, cooktops, or other appliances. Also see ideas for breakfast and wet bars.


If you are new to concrete, a good place to start is with a bathroom countertop. The smaller surface area, and not being located in a main living area, will give you a chance to experiment before committing to a larger project. Incorporate an integral sink for a truly custom look.


Concrete is an excellent choice for outdoor kitchen and entertainment area countertops due to its natural weather resistance, often withstanding the elements better than granite or tile. Shape, texture, color and style can all be customized to support your personal style and entertaining needs.

Restaurants & Commercial

The customization that is possible with concrete countertops makes it a perfect choice for restaurant bar tops or reception desks. Business logos and color themes can be designed right into the surface. Durability and ease of maintenance add to the growing popularity for commercial use.


Concrete is incredibly versatile and can be used in all types of homes. See these indoor style guides for inspiration.

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Looking for a cure for the common kitchen counter or a sleek, clean design for the bathroom? Craving a unique outdoor entertainment area or a customized bar top or reception desk to show off your logo? A concrete countertop may be the answer.

With complete customization of color, finish, size, shape, edge details and more, you can truly make your concrete countertop a one-of-a-kind focal point. No other material offers the same level of customization.


While white and black are the top requests, the color choices are truly endless. Powdered or liquid pigments are available in an array of colors from neutral to vibrant. Experienced contractors can create custom colors or even color match to paint or fabric swatches. Various methods used to impart color include using an integral color in the mix, surface staining or dyes.

Finishes and Textures

Handcrafted textural effects such as woodgrain or stone looks can be cast onto the surface of the countertop directly from a mold, and other textures can be fashioned from skilled hand-troweling techniques. Veining and mottling effects can be created with specialized concrete mixes and casting methods to make your countertop mimic high-end granite or marble.

Edge Designs

Another way to customize your countertop and give it a high-end finished look is with edge designs. The look of stone, rope, vines, and more can be created with prefab molds. Some contractors can also make custom edge molds to fit your specific design.

Edge Designs

Another way to customize your countertop and give it a high-end finished look is with edge designs. The look of stone, rope, vines, and more can be created with prefab molds. Some contractors can also make custom edge molds to fit your specific design.

Drainboards and Trivets

Add style and function to your kitchen or bar countertop by incorporating a drainboard or trivet. Drainboards allow water to run off directly into the sink. They can be simple slats or depressions formed directly into the countertop. Trivets help protect your countertop’s sealer and finish from hot pots and pans and are typically made from stainless steel raised metal rods embedded into the countertop. However, the design possibilities for trivets are limitless as long the material used can withstand the heat and use.

Inlays, Embeds and Seeding

Inlays are larger items placed into the surface of the countertop, such as rocks, shells, wood, coins, large tiles or tile mosaics. Small decorative pieces (also called aggregates) such as stones, pieces of glass, bits of marble or tile can be embedded throughout the concrete mix and exposed when the countertop is ground and polished. They can also be seeded into the surface after the countertop is poured to create a shape or design or for a more concentrated appearance. Consider long-term durability and consult your contractor regarding any items you’d like to add.


Bring your countertop to life at night by incorporating fiber-optic lighting in your design. Light fibers attached to pieces of clear or colored glass embedded in the surface of the countertop create a unique lighting effect.


Most countertops, whether kitchen, bath, bar, or outdoor will incorporate some type of sink. Sinks that are molded as a continuous part of the countertop are called integral sinks and offer numerous design possibilities—waves, ramps, troughs and more. This type of construction is better suited as a bathroom sink rather than a primary kitchen sink due to wear and tear from pots and pans and possible staining that can happen in the kitchen. When using manufactured sinks in the kitchen, undermount styles are typically the best match for concrete countertops.


Backsplashes can be cast in the same color and style as the countertop to create a cohesive design, or use a contrasting color, design, or shape to provide an accent. A traditional tile backsplash can also be installed with your countertop.

Size and Shape

Since concrete is molded, it can be formed into virtually any size or shape.


Varying degrees of grinding or polishing can result in a final finish that ranges from matte to shiny smooth. Further polishing exposes the aggregate within the mix, whether the naturally occurring stone or a decorative aggregate that has been added, such as bits of recycled glass or tile, decorative stone, seashells, etc. Smooth-polished surfaces are easy to clean because they don’t trap dirt, grease or grime.

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