Protecting Concrete Countertops
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How to use trivet and rail strips to protect concrete countertops.

Adding drainboards and trivets can add style and function to a concrete countertop. Drainboards are designed to be a place to set fruits or vegetables after washing. They allow for water to run off the countertop and directly into the sink. Trivets are designed to be a place to set hot pots and pans without damaging the counter.

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Express Yourself with DrainboardsDrainboards can simply be slats that were cast into the counter, or they can have stainless steel rods included. Other options also include making the drainboard a different color from the rest of the concrete. Drainboards can be made of wood, or concrete made to look like wood. Molds are available from a variety of manufacturers for making drainboards.

Add style and function to your countertop with an integral drainboard. A drainboard is a unique way to add a little flair to your countertop, and to provide a useful area for setting fruits or vegetables after washing. This countertop was cast to include slats that slope down toward the sink and serve as a drainboard. Art & Maison in Miami, FL

Drainboards can be slats cast into the counter. They can include stainless steel rods, or can be made of wood.

Express Yourself with TrivetsTrivets are raised metal rods, typically stainless steel, that can withstand heat from pots and pans. The typical choice for inlayed trivets is simple rods; however, the possibilities are endless, as long as the material withstands heat and use.

At the time your countertop is built, raised metal rods can be inserted into the wet concrete. Stainless steel rods are best because they can withstand the heat from pots and pans.

Steel rods used as trivets for hot pots and pans can be inserted in a variety of sizes and shapes. The raised rods help protect your countertop's sealer and finish and provide a useful place for setting hot items.