Many people covet concrete countertops for their custom-crafted beauty and durability. But for the serious cook, concrete countertops offer another distinct advantage: They can be customized to incorporate a variety of cook-friendly features, ranging from built-in sinks and cutting boards to easy-to-clean seamless surfaces. See these seven design ideas for making countertops functional enough for any top chef.

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  • Put in some curves.
    Concrete countertops with curved edges can improve traffic flow in a small kitchen while accommodating seating for onlookers as they gather to watch the cook whip up a feast. Read more about how this kitchen was created.
  • Add grooves for easy drainage.
    Cutting grooves into the countertop that channel into an undermount sink helps to keep spills in check and simplify cleanup.
  • Make it seamless.
    This concrete countertop was precast as one single piece, sink and all. The no-seam construction won't trap food crumbs, grease or grime, improving sanitation and making cleanup a breeze.
  • Install a drop-in cooktop.
    Concrete countertops can be cast to accommodate almost any cooktop style or size. Cooking islands are especially convenient and can serve as a supplemental cooking station.
  • Give it a trivet
    Even concrete countertops are vulnerable to hot pans right off the stove, which can degrade the sealer. Cast-in-place trivets are a handy solution, and they also add decorative interest. Learn more about built-in trivets and drainboards.
  • Integrate a trough-style sink
    When creating a big feast, a cook needs a super-sized sink to accommodate all the pots, pans and cooking utensils. This large trough-style sink is cast integrally with the concrete countertop. See more concrete sink styles.
  • Add a snazzy towel hanger
    What dish washer wouldn't love this nifty feature? This towel hanger, cast right into the countertop, is functional as well as stylish.