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For kitchen countertops, most materials that come to mind are granite, marble, or tile. If you contemplate any other type of surface material (formica, laminate, etc), they, too, mostly look like granite, marble, or tile. If you're tired of seeing the same look in every kitchen, then concrete is right for you.

Concrete countertops near me.

Concrete Offers Limitless Customization for Your Kitchen Island

In addition to its natural virtues such as durability and ease of maintenance, concrete also has the ability to be shaped and colored in nearly any design. "Unlike other hard surfaces, concrete is not limited to square or diamond patterns and not limited in colors," says Jim Peterson, president of ConcreteNetwork.com. "You are limited in what you can do with granite; not with concrete."

Using concrete for your island top allows you to design with different shapes, to create long seamless runs, to vary thickness, and to use a multitude of colors. Customization can be as extreme as needed to meet your preferences. However, you can also have less customization and get a cost-effective, one-of-a-kind look.

More ways to customize your kitchen's concrete island:

Concrete Islands Work with Any Kitchen Style

Concrete countertops can be created to match your taste and the style of your home. Check out these examples to see for yourself:

Flying Turtle Cast Concrete in Modesto, CA

Modern Kitchens

A natural gray color, straight lines and seamless waterfall edge make this the perfect modern countertop. See more modern concrete countertops.

Price Concrete Studio in Orlando, FL

Traditional Kitchens

These brown concrete countertops coordinate nicely with the stone tile backsplash, while the big integral sink and simple front apron add to the classic feel.

Stone Passion in Salt Lake City, UT

Old World Kitchens

The unique shape of this kitchen island, the decorative edge detail and the subtle color variations make it look like an expensive piece of stone you'd find in an Italian villa.

Browse the complete gallery of concrete countertop pictures for more inspiration.

Sealing & Cleaning your Concrete Kitchen Countertops

Make sure your concrete countertop is protected from stains and other damage with a high-quality sealer designed for use in a kitchen setting. Spills are bound to happen! Ask your contractor how often your counter should be resealed to keep it looking its best. Learn more about sealing concrete countertops.

When cleaning concrete counters, it is best to use a pH neutral cleaner, or a scum or hard water deposit remover if necessary. Here is information about removing stains from coffee, oil and more.

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