Watch 16 how-to concrete videos about designing with concrete. Award-winning designer and renowned trainer, Fu-Tung Cheng explains how to incorporate lighting, texture, shape and more into creating functional and appealing concrete applications. Fu-Tung Cheng is the founder of CHENG Concrete, a concrete countertop contracting company, and CHENG Design, a residential and commercial design firm. He is also author of the books Concrete Countertops and Concrete at Home.

Designing Functional Concrete Countertops

Time: 03:10

Designer Fu-Tung Cheng's Teance Tea Shop in Berkeley, Calif. is a unique example of how decorative concrete can be incorporated into a commercial setting that calls for great aesthetics and functionality. One of the biggest aspects of good design is form and function and how the two are linked together.

Understanding the Durability of Concrete Counters

Time: 03:58

Award-winning designer, Fu-Tung Cheng, shows us one of his projects, the Teance Tea Shop in Berkeley, Calif. This shop incorporated a great deal of decorative concrete and design. Durability is a key component of good design.

Using Concrete to Design for an Experience

Time: 02:57

Decorative concrete and good design go hand in hand. Design is one of the most valuable tools from the beginning to end of a project. In the Teance Tea Shop in Berkeley, Calif., award winning kitchen and home designer, Fu-Tung Cheng shows the tea bar he designed and built.

Kitchen Countertop Design Ideas Using Concrete

Time: 04:18

Fu-Tung Cheng, award-winning designer and author of Concrete Countertops, shows the first concrete countertops he designed and built in his own home 25 years ago. Cheng began the design of these concrete countertops by first thinking about how they are used.

Personalizing Concrete Countertops

Time: 03:16

Fu-Tung Cheng, award-winning designer and author of Concrete Countertops, shows why concrete countertops are so appealing. He shows us his home in Berkeley, Calif. where he designed and built his first concrete countertop over 25 years ago.

Integrating Concrete Counters with Other Materials

Time: 03:47

Award-winning kitchen designer, Fu-Tung Cheng, takes us into the home he designed, built and still lives in to show us how good design and concrete countertops merge when you use many types of materials.

Why Choose Concrete Countertops

Time: 03:25

One of the most frequent and important questions asked about concrete countertops is why use concrete in a kitchen or in a home. Concrete is often thought of as a material used strictly for building retaining walls, subfloors and the like. This is not the case.

Vulnerabilities & Durability of Concrete Countertops

Time: 04:36

Award-winning designer, Fu-Tung Cheng, invites us into his home to learn more about the vulnerabilities and durability of concrete countertops. He explains how to design around the inherent weaknesses of concrete and design to its strengths.

Sustainable Kitchen Countertops

Time: 04:33

Award-winning home and kitchen designer, Fu-Tung Cheng discusses the sustainability of concrete countertops and shows us the first countertop he built over 25 years ago that is in the house he still lives in today.

Dramatic Coloring Ideas Using Concrete

Time: 03:46

The Teance Tea Shop in Berkeley, Calif. is an interesting example of how decorative concrete and good design can be used to create a colorful space. Designer Fu-Tung Cheng designed this tea shop and shares his thoughts on good design and coloring techniques.

Creating Visual Drama Using Concrete

Time: 01:59

Award-winning designer, Fu-Tung Cheng, takes a look at the Teance Tea Shop in Berkeley, Calif. He designed this commercial space with decorative concrete as the centerpiece. Cheng explains the design elements he used in designing and building a display wall.

In the background, there is integrally colored Japanese plaster with little flecks of wood chips in it that is troweled on smooth over drywall. Next to the plaster there are curved cold roll steel shelves that cantilever out from the wall. Cheng incorporated concrete here by curving the concrete countertop around the wall following the same arc. The countertop cantilevers out from the wall giving it a very sculptural quality. Underneath the concrete, bamboo cabinets float above the concrete floor helping to give the concrete countertop a weightless look.

Creating Structure when Designing with Concrete

Time: 01:41

Award-winning designer and author, Fu-Tung Cheng discusses decorative concrete and good design at the Teance Tea Shop in Berkeley, Calif. Cheng designed this tea shop and shares his insights on designing with concrete.

Creating Unique Designs With Concrete

Time: 02:50

Award-winning kitchen and home designer, Fu-Tung Cheng shares how he created some uniquely shaped concrete countertops on one of his projects. He designed and fabricated the interior of the Teance Tea Shop in Berkeley, Calif. Fu-Tung feels that design in really the most important tool from the beginning of a project to the end of a project.

Integrating Concrete into a Functional Space

Time: 01:32

Fu-Tung Cheng designed and built the interior of the Teance Tea Shop in Berkeley, Calif. where he is still part-owner. This is a great example of where concrete has been used in a commercial environment and integrated with other materials.

Designing an Entryway - Using Mosaics in Concrete

Time: 01:21

Award-winning designer Fu-Tung Cheng shows the interior of the tea shop he designed in Berkeley, Calif. He explains how he used decorative concrete and design to make an impression to the clients as soon as they approach the shop. To do this, he created a mosaic and integral colored concrete entryway with the tea shop's name, Teance, inlayed in the concrete surface.

The logo was created using stone tile. The tile was broken and cut into little mosaic pieces and then arranged to form the Teance logo. The arrangement was glued to cement board and then inlayed in the entry. Integral colored concrete was poured over the entire piece and the surface was polished to expose the mosaic logo.

Designing Concrete Floors

Time: 01:49

Fu-Tung Cheng, award-winning home and kitchen designer, shows us one of his projects and how he designed the concrete floors. Cheng designed the Teance Tea Shop in Berkeley, Calif., and decorative concrete plays an important role in the tea shop's appearance and function.