Watch videos that detail the different types of concrete sealers. Learn when to use each type of sealer and how to apply it to the concrete surface.

Acrylic Concrete Sealer Application

Time: 03:51

"Thin is in" when it comes to applying solvent-based acrylic sealers, says Harris. He demonstrates how to use a pump-up sprayer to apply a light mist of sealer to a stained and dyed floor medallion.

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Epoxy Sealer Application

Time: 06:51

The decorative floor medallion created with adhesive stencils (see Using Concrete Stencils with a Skim Coat) receives a high-gloss, clear epoxy finish to enrich the color and bring the design to life. Harris discusses the importance of mixing the components of the two-part epoxy at the proper ratio and then applying the material promptly, before it begins to set. He also shows the mixing and application tools to use and gives tips for how to avoid air bubbles.

Concrete Floor Wax

Time: 03:49

A mop-down wax or floor finish, applied over the sealer coat, helps to preserve and protect decorative concrete floors. See how to apply the wax with a sprayer and micro-fiber pad. Also get recommendations for how many initial coats to apply and how frequently to reapply the wax, depending on traffic exposure.

Sealer Selection Tips

Time: 04:35

Choosing a sealer to protect decorative concrete is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Harris talks about the most important factors to consider when selecting the right product for your needs, including traffic exposure, UV stability, temperature and humidity conditions, and dry times. He also discusses polyaspartics, a new generation of sealers that offers rapid drying times.

Using Sacrificial Floor Wax for Concrete Floors

Time: 02:54

Micro-fiber mops are used to apply floor waxes. This special type of mop is great for applying waxes because it does not leave lint fragments on the concrete floor. These mops come in 2 sizes: 24 inches and 36 inches. Select the size mop according to the size of the floor you are applying the wax to. Start the waxing process by first pre-conditioning the mop head; then apply the wax to the concrete surface with a hand-held pump sprayer. Complete the process by smoothing out the wax with the micro-fiber mop in a figure-eight pattern.