Watch 35 videos about how outdoor living spaces are designed and constructed. You will see award-winning outdoor spaces that were designed and built by Scott Cohen from The Green Scene. Get design ideas for patios, pool decks, outdoor kichens, grills, outdoor countertops, fireplaces, fire pits, and more.

Patio Videos Watch 7 videos about patio design, sizing, color, texture and more.
Pool Deck Videos Watch this series of 6 videos for tips and information about designing concrete pool decks.
Driveway Design Videos Watch these 3 videos for design ideas and tips for creating beautiful concrete driveways.
Outdoor Kitchen Videos View 7 videos packed with design ideas for creating incredible outdoor kitchens.
Outdoor Fire Feature Videos Watch 8 videos about designing stylish outdoor fireplaces and fire pits.
Entryway & Walkway Videos View this series of 4 videos on designing concrete walkways, garden bridges, steps, and more.
Outdoor Concrete Furniture Watch 25 videos explaining how to design and build Fu-Tung Cheng's line of concrete furniture.

Scott Cohen is the owner and principal designer of The Green Scene and author of the book, Outdoor Kitchen Design Workshop.