Design ideas and tips for creating beautiful concrete driveways with patterns, colors and other unique options.

Concrete Driveways - Staining and Sawcutting Ideas

Time: 02:59

Scott Cohen of The Green Scene, an award-winning designer of eye-catching concrete hardscapes, shows how to transform a plain-gray concrete driveway using sawcutting and staining techniques. One of his favorite patterns -- decorative banding -- is an impressive effect that can be achieved with minimal effort. Simply cut parallel and perpendicular score lines into the concrete with a walk-behind saw, and then go over the pattern with acid-based chemical stains, applying layers of different colors. Cohen also shows you how to upgrade an existing concrete driveway with acid stains applied in contrasting bands of color.

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Top 5 Driveway Patterns

Time: 02:42

Cohen shares his five favorite approaches for transforming concrete driveways inexpensively and easily:

  • Decorative banding with parallel and perpendicular score lines
  • Acid-stained bands of color
  • Splatter patterns of stain in three contrasting colors
  • Diamond sawcut patterns accented by decorative banding
  • Integrally colored concrete stamped with stone-textured mats and then scored into large 5-foot squares.

Colored Concrete Driveways

Time: 0:36

Cohen explains how to dress up concrete driveways by applying layers of color, starting with a light base color followed by darker shades of stain. To add even more interest, install decorative banding in a contrasting color.