Watch videos to get tips on using different types of concrete forms.

Forming Concrete with Wood Forms

Time: 03:49

Wood concrete forms are the most widely used method for forming concrete flatwork. Learn about the different sizes of forms, bracing methods and how to properly square your forms. Also discussed is the importance of adjusting forms to achieve the proper slope for drainage of the slab surface.

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Forming Concrete with Plastic Forms

Time: 06:10

Learn the advantages of using plastic forms versus wood, especially when forming curves and radiuses. The forms are reusable and save labor, since no nailing is involved. See this demo showing how plastic forms are assembled, locked to form stakes and set to proper elevation.

Form Liners for Concrete Steps

Time: 06:18

See how concrete step form liners are used to texture the faces of steps with realistic stone patterns. Get tips for how to attach the liners to standard 2x6 wood step forms, vibrating the concrete to get a void-free finish and stripping the steps forms. All see how to achieve decorative effects on step surfaces with texturing skins.

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