Watch videos on when and why interior and exterior concrete stencils are used. Get tips on how to properly use concrete stencils on concrete.

When & Why Exterior Stencils Are Used

Time: 01:05

Paper stencils are often used to create patterns on all types of exterior concrete surfaces, including patios, pool decks, sidewalks and driveways. Find out when and why they are used in specific applications.

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Stenciling with Concrete Dyes

Time: 07:29

Adhesive-backed stencils used with air-brushed dyes can achieve incredible decorative detail on concrete floors. See the stencils being applied and the proper techniques for spraying the dyes over the stencil with an HVLP spray gun. Harris also shares his tricks for achieving a light texture, if desired.

Using Concrete Stencils with a Skim Coat

Time: 08:44

Adhesive-backed stencils for concrete floors are ideal for creating designs with intricate details. Harris demonstrates how to enhance an entryway floor with a decorative medallion stencil and a skim-coat overlay. Learn tips and techniques for adhering and positioning the stencil pattern and applying the overlay.

Applying Paper Stencils to Exterior Concrete

Time: 06:52

Learn how to use paper stencils to create a brick pattern in freshly poured concrete. See how to position the stencil, roll it into the surface, and determine when the stencil is ready for removal. Also get tips for applying color hardener to achieve antiquing effects and using a roller or texturing skin to impart a light texture to the stenciled surface.

Stenciling Using Acid-Etching Gel

Time: 05:46

Watch Harris apply an adhesive-backed stencil to a concrete microtopping to create a decorative floor medallion. You'll see how to position and adhere the stencil pattern to the floor and apply a thick acid-etching gel to reveal the pattern. See the stunning results once the stencil is removed.