Watch 68 videos that answer common questions regarding concrete floors. Can I install concrete floors if I have tile? What colors do these floors come in? Are they durable? Do they stain easily? Industry expert Bob Harris shares concrete floor design ideas and answers the most frequently asked questions about concrete floors.

Floor Design Idea Videos Watch 12 videos on topics such as coloring, stenciling, personalization, patterns and more.
Concrete Flooring Style Options View 17 videos about stained concrete floors, floor overlays, polished concrete and more.
Common Question Videos Watch 6 videos addressing frequently asked questions about the concrete floor performance.
Why Concrete Floors? View all 14 videos explaining the benefits of concrete flooring for homes and businesses.
Replacing Existing Floors Watch 9 videos about removing carpet, vinyl, tile and other materials in favor of concrete.
Choosing a Floor Contractor View 5 videos with advice for hiring a flooring contractor.
Floor Maintenance Videos Watch 8 videos describing proper maintenance of concrete floors with varying amounts of traffic.

Bob Harris is the founder of The Decorative Concrete Institute in Temple, GA. He has been installing decorative concrete for over 25 years. Bob is an accomplished concrete contractor, trainer, and author of three books on decorative concrete applications (Concrete Overlays, Concrete Stains, and Stamped Concrete).