Concrete expert Bob Harris provides useful tips and information about hiring a concrete contractor. With his expertise in the industry, you can learn what questions you should ask before hiring a contractor, how to evaluate contractors, suggestions for what information to research before hiring and more. Click below on one of the videos to learn about choosing a concrete floor contractor:

Hiring a Specialized Concrete Floor Contractor

Time: 1:34

Bob Harris explains the important considerations when hiring a concrete flooring contractor. His advice:

  • Be wary of a company that wears too many hats and professes to be the best at multiple applications.
  • Make sure the contractor specializes in the type of work you want done.
  • Ask about training and experience.
  • Ask whether the contractor is trained by material suppliers to install the products to be used on your floor.

Getting References from Concrete Floor Contractors

Time: 1:16

One of the most important considerations when hiring a concrete flooring contractor is reputation. Harris recommends checking into the following before making a decision:

  • What is the contractor's reputation in your community?
  • How long has the contractor been in business?
  • Ask for a list of references. Don't rely on the contractor's sale pitch alone.
  • Find out if the contractor is a member of your local chamber of commerce or Better Business Bureau.
  • Visit completed projects to see the quality of the contractor's work.

Selecting the Right Contractor-What's Their Image

Time: 1:23

Does the concrete flooring contractor you're considering doing business with project a professional image? Here's what to look for, says Harris:

  • Good customer service. Does the contractor return your phone calls, dress professionally and answer your questions and concerns?
  • Well-defined contract terms and warranties. A good contract will include a complete description of services to be provided, from surface preparation to final finishing.
  • Repair policy. Is the contractor willing to fix mistakes if something goes wrong?

Visit a Contractor's Showroom & View Their Website

Time: 2:03

To decide if a concrete floor is right for you, or to get ideas for different color schemes, Harris recommends viewing examples of the contractor's work. Two good ways to do this are to pay a visit to the contractor's showroom and browse through their website. Most established pros will have a showroom with examples of their work. But even a smaller contractor should be able to provide you with samples you can touch and feel. Visiting the contractor's website can save a lot of legwork. A good website will have photos of past projects and a complete description of the services offered.

You Pay for Quality when Hiring a Contractor

Time: 2:00

You've made the decision to install decorative concrete flooring. Now you need to avoid getting caught in the low-bidding trap when choosing a contractor. Harris recommends these key strategies:

  • Get bids from several contractors.
  • Be wary of going with the lowest bid. Top-quality work requires a lot of skill, labor and artistic talent, which can all add to the final installation cost.
  • Remember, you get what you pay for.
  • Go with a contractor who's willing to show what he can do for you, such as preparing a jobsite sample of the proposed work.