Watch videos on buying and using concrete stamps and stamping tools.

Using Concrete Stamps to Texture Concrete

Time: 06:33

Learn how to use concrete stamps and an antiquing release to imprint and texture newly poured concrete. Get tips on what stamps to use along edges, and see how to properly place and tamp the stamps to achieve the best results.

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Concrete Stamping Mats: Buying Tips

Time: 03:20

It's important to buy the proper amount of stamps before doing a stamped concrete job. Get tips on how many stamps to purchase and why you should practice laying out the stamps before using them for the first time on a project.

Concrete Texture Skins

Time: 06:09

Seamless concrete texture skins are one of the easiest methods for giving concrete pattern. Because the skins overlap and have no joint lines, they can be positioned quickly. Get tips on the proper use of these tools, and see them being used to texture a freshly placed concrete slab.

Radial Stamps for Concrete

Time: 04:58

Radial stamps can be used to create distinctive circular and serpentine patterns in freshly poured concrete. Learn how to use the stamps to produce a sunburst pattern, one of many creative options you have with these versatile tools.

Using Powdered Antique Release

Time: 03:12

Powdered release agent is applied to fresh concrete before stamping and texturing to act as a bond breaker to prevent the stamp mats from sticking. It also serves a decorative purpose by imparting natural antiquing effects. See how to apply the release agent evenly with a splash brush and how to achieve the best results when stamping.

Using Liquid Release Agents

Time: 02:51

A liquid release agent can be used with concrete stamps and texture skins instead of a powder to prevent the stamps from sticking to the fresh concrete. These releases can also be tinted to achieve color variation. See application techniques for both indoor and outdoor concrete.

Concrete Stamp Tampers

Time: 02:58

Concrete stamp tampers are professional tools designed to pound concrete stamp textures into freshly placed concrete. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be used on both interior overlays and outdoor concrete. See the tampers being used, and get tips for proper tamping methods.

Integral Color: When & How It's Used

Time: 04:51

Learn about the various forms of integral color (liquid vs. dry) and how to achieve the best results when using integral color. For most projects, integral pigments should be added at the batch plant for consistent, cohesive color. In addition, no water should be added to the mix at the jobsite, which can dilute the color.

Tips for Applying Color Hardeners

Time: 04:29

Dry-shake color hardeners can be used alone or with integral color to achieve more intense color effects. Harris demonstrates how to apply a dry-shake concrete color hardener to fresh concrete before stamping. Get tips for broadcasting the powder evenly across the surface and how to work it into the surface with a float or trowel.