Watch this series of videos on designing concrete walkways, garden bridges, steps, and more.

Walkway and Garden Path Ideas

Time: 02:07

Walkways and garden paths are essential elements for "wayfinding," or encouraging people to go from one area of the backyard to another. Scott Cohen of The Green Scene, an award-winning designer of eye-catching concrete hardscapes, shares his favorite ideas for using concrete to guide the way around a residential landscape. They include:

  • Large precast concrete stepping stones set in grass
  • Concrete sidewalks, built with precast pavers or stamped and textured poured-in-place concrete
  • Concrete bridges crossing over water features
  • Concrete steps leading to different patio levels

Home Entryway Design Ideas

Time: 3:29

Cohen shows you numerous ways to use concrete to create a warm, welcoming entryway to a home. See examples of:

  • Decorative concrete paver walkways accented by bands of poured-in-place concrete
  • Cast concrete steps with decorative bull-nose edges
  • Decorative concrete pilaster caps formed with Styrofoam forms
  • Architectural concrete stair rails and garden walls
  • Decorative precast concrete planters and fountains
  • Concrete plinths with built-in lighting

Garden Bridges Made of Concrete

Time: 0:37

Concrete bridges are ideal for spanning gaps in the outdoor garden and encouraging visitors to cross over from one area to another and explore. Concrete bridge decks are a great alternative to wood because they require little maintenance and will never splinter.

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Concrete Steps

Time: 0:35

Terraced concrete steps are a great way to create a spectacular entrance. See this impressive project involving curved cast-concrete steps enhanced by decorative bands of color and a circular medallion of concrete pavers.

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