Watch this series of videos for tips and information about designing concrete pool decks.

Pool Decking Ideas - Stamped Concrete, Pavers, and Exposed Aggregate

Time: 01:51

Scott Cohen of The Green Scene, an award-winning designer of eye-catching concrete hardscapes, shows stunning examples of three popular pool deck options: stamped concrete, concrete pavers and exposed aggregate. These materials can be used alone or in combination to create an endless variety of custom looks. They also provide good skid resistance, which is essential for pool deck surfaces.

Pool Coping Selection

Time: 03:19

Cohen explains why cast concrete is one of his favorite materials for pool deck copings, and how it gives you the versatility to choose any shape, style or color desired. He shows examples of several coping styles, including a mantle-style edge, a double bull-nose edge, faux concrete rock stained to mimic natural stone, natural flagstone combined with stamped concrete, and a square edge detailed with stone-textured mats.

Considerations for Pool Deck Layout

Time: 03:08

Cohen covers the key considerations for building an inviting, functional pool deck layout that encourages "stay-cationing," the trend of creating a resort-like atmosphere in your own backyard. In addition to yard size, other factors to keep in mind include traffic flow, shape of the house, privacy, backyard views, exposure to sun and shade, and prevailing winds.

Selecting Pool Deck Size and Shape

Time: 02:38

Cohen offers tips for choosing the right pool deck size and shape for backyards ranging in size from small to large. He takes you on tour of pool deck projects to illustrate the importance of:

  • Providing enough room for lounge chairs and other patio furniture
  • Incorporating areas for both sun and shade
  • Offering nighttime ambience through the use of fire bowls
  • Providing privacy by using hedges and other landscaping
  • Offering good traffic flow to and from the house

Suggestions for Pool Deck Safety

Time: 00:32

Pools are intended for fun and recreation, but they can also be hazardous when pool deck surfaces become wet. Cohen offers suggestions for improving the traction of concrete pool decks, such as by lightly exposing the aggregate.

Pool Deck Orientation

Time: 00:37

How do you orient a pool and concrete pool deck to take best advantage of the surroundings? Cohen discusses the key factors to consider, such as views, prevailing wind direction, and patterns of sun and shade.