Bathroom Countertops

Designs and Ideas for Using Concrete in the Bathroom

If you're unsure of whether to take the concrete splash, many designers and architectural concrete contractors recommend trying it out in the bathroom. Because you're working with a small space and it's not a room that you spend a lot of time in, it's a good test room. And if you plan to sell your house in the near future, you may have fears about a radical remodel. But the bathroom is considered safeā€”it won't be a deal-breaker like a kitchen or master bathroom. And it's probable that your fears will be unfounded and it will end up being a strong selling point and encourage you or future owners to introduce concrete to other rooms.

Wanda Ellerbeck of Grotto Designs says that powder rooms are a popular choice for the initiation into decorative concrete. "Often it begins with one item," she says, "like a sink or bathroom vanity. But before you know it, we tie it all together and it's concrete-based."

Top 3 Attributes to Consider for Bathroom Countertops

1) Price: The true cost of the countertop is not in the concrete itself, but rather in the artisan's creativity and time. Read the Guide to Concrete Countertop Cost

2) Maintenance: Cleaning a concrete countertop is no more difficult than any other type of surface. Read about cleaning concrete countertops from

3) Design: No other countertop surface offers customization in color, size, shape, and thickness. Learn about these design options:

Concrete Bathroom Countertop Project Profiles

Concrete Countertop Craftsmanship Gives 1920's Look, from Ancient Art Concrete Countertops in Austin, TX.

Car Enthusiast Revs Up Bathroom Fixtures with Concrete, from Rafter C Precast Concrete in Alberta, Canada.

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