Photo Tour of Bathroom Countertops

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  • Left: Ancient Art Concrete Countertops in Austin, TX. Right: Rafter C Precast Concrete in Medicine Hat, AB
  • Lampe Concrete Studio in San Marcos, CA
  • Pourfolio Custom Concrete in San Diego, CA
  • J&M Lifestyles in Randolph, NJ
  • Riverbed Concrete in Boerne, TX
  • FORM concrete design in Vail, CO
  • Nobel Concrete in Jenison, MI
  • Stone Passion in Salt Lake City, UT
  • J&M Lifestyles in Randolph, NJ

The cabinetry underneath your bathroom sink is what most people refer to as the bathroom vanity. However, bathroom vanities are really a combination of the complete bathroom design, including the countertop material, faucet and fixtures, bathroom mirror, and cabinetry fixtures.

You can buy pre-fabricated bathroom vanity cabinetry online at places such as, but to really complete a modern upgrade or a new design for your powder room, the countertop is what will be most noticed.

According to Jim Peterson, president of, "The bathroom is a great room for a major transformation, one that will make your guests say wow. And once you enliven the bathroom with a concrete countertop or sink, you'll have a room that stands out, one that is memorable."

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Concrete vs. Other Countertop Materials

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With concrete, you get all the benefits of a solid surface: luxury, durability, and easy care. Concrete is a great option for bathrooms because you can be so creative with it. One of the benefits of choosing concrete for your sink or countertop is the range of colors available. A professional concrete contractor can create custom colors to help you match or complement other materials in your bathroom, helping to tie all the elements together for one complete and remarkable bathroom vanity.

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Concrete Bathroom Vanity Project Profiles:

Concrete Countertop Craftsmanship Gives 1920's Look from Ancient Art Concrete Countertops in Austin, TX.
Car Enthusiast Revs Up Bathroom Fixtures with Concrete from Rafter C Precast Concrete in Alberta, Canada.