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A bar counter is an ideal element of both indoor and outdoor kitchens. It is functional, providing extra counter space for serving or dining. And it is comfortable for taller bar stool seating and mingling.

Bar countertops can be in the form of a commercial bar, or residential wet bar to a breakfast bar. For whatever type of bar countertop you are interested in, here is a list of frequently researched information.

Concrete Countertop Cost

Comparison Chart: Cast-in-place countertops vs. granite or tile

Industry Standard Bar Counter Heights

  • Standard countertop height is 36-38" tall. For bar counters, the height varies from 42-46" tall. TIP! Select bar stools before determining your final bar height, and let the height of the seat dictate your final dimensions.

  • Bar stools are typically 28" tall, but they can vary widely depending on styling, seat thickness, and by manufacturer.

  • Bar counters should cantilever a minimum of 10 inches to allow room for seated guests.

  • The width of a functional bar counter should be at least 16". This allows for placement of a serving platter, or dining utensils.

  • If someone will be stationed behind the counter (such as a bartender serving drinks), a good rule of thumb is to leave 3-4 feet of working space.

Concrete Bartop Examples

Concrete Elegance Creates Unique Bar Top for Unique Clients Concrete Elegance in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Concrete Bartop Doubles as Abstract Art Cloos Effects LLC in Rock Creek, OH
Building a Super-Sized Taco Bar The Decorative Concrete Institute, Temple, Ga., from Concrete-Countertops.org
Concrete Bartop Enhances Upscale Tavern Absolute ConcreteWorks LLC, Seattle, Wash.

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