Concrete Pool Decks Pictures
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

In Redlands, Calif., this pool deck, patio and sidewalk had originally been painted and needed three coats of thick paint removed from the surface. Using Franmar Soy Gel, Staintec owner, Glen Roman, put down the gel, covered the area in plastic overnight, and then hot pressure washed the paint off the surface. Using a self-sealing, water-based stain, he colored the sidewalk, pool, and patio in Newlook’s Summer Sand color. He antiqued the patio and sidewalk with a darker color of maple for contrast. Concrete Coatings Super Seal 20WB was used on the patio and sidewalk to protect the antiquing which could be affected by the pool water. The project was 1,100 square feet. Using Newlook products gave the project a great look, and made it cost-effective.
Average cost: $3 square foot

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