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This was a 148 unit condo association with an indoor atrium area that has a 2000 sq ft pool deck. The condos were built in 1972 and since then there have been five different contractors that have tried to resurface this pool deck. When the association contacted us and we went to look at the project, the pool deck was in some pretty bad shape. There was an Increte overlay installed on the pool deck that was coming loose, and there were cracks everywhere and the overlay was popping off in places. There was a fiberglass mesh covering all the cracked areas that was installed wrong and had to be removed. That is the reason for failure on the original crack repair.

The overlay was removed by diamond grinding and the bad areas were patched with an epoxy patch and then ground flat. After all the prep was completed, a double broadcast epoxy quartz was applied with a 100% solids UV-resistant epoxy top coat with aluminum oxide broadcast into the top coat for extra traction.

Start to finish the job took a 2 1/2 man crew 5 days. The dust had to be kept to a minimum because there were people that were using the atrium area all week so we used our dustless vacuums. We just closed off the pool area. This was really a fun job for us because there were always people around watching us work and asking questions and we are not used to that. The atrium area is a very relaxing environment. It was almost like being on vacation all week. The women's synchronized swim team is back in the pool and will be enjoying their new pool deck for years to come.

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Machesney Park, IL 61115

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