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An exposed aggregate pool deck has a pebble-like finish and slip-resistant texture. Plus, it is attractive, affordable, durable and long-lasting.

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Does exposed aggregate around a pool hurt your feet?

Some homeowners say they have no problem walking barefoot on exposed aggregate decking, while others say it is too rough.

Here are a couple ways to achieve a more comfortable walking surface:

  • Pick a light exposure that only slightly reveals the aggregate
  • Use 1/8-inch polished stones in the mix instead of raw stone

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Can I turn my existing concrete into a pebble pool deck?

When having a brand new pool deck installed, small colored pebbles or stones are added to the mix and exposed by removing the top cream layer of the concrete. However, you can also achieve a pebble finish when resurfacing a pool deck.

Here are two options for resurfacing:

  • Use a spray coating, with speckles of different colors to imitate exposed aggregate. Learn more: SUNDEK Aggregate Effects.
  • Apply an epoxy coating blended with decorative stones to your existing pool deck.

How much does an exposed aggregate pool deck cost?

Exposed aggregate is a great choice for budget-friendly outdoor concrete with more interest than the typical plain gray. Expect to pay more than you would for a basic finish, but less than you would for stamped concrete.

To help you budget for your pool deck project, check out this guide to Concrete Pool Deck Cost.

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Ideas for customizing exposed aggregate pool decking

For even more dramatic results, you can try any of the following:

See Exposed Aggregate Concrete for more information.