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Exposing the aggregate in concrete allows you to achieve spectacular effects at a reasonable cost because few additional materials—other than the decorative aggregate—are required. The pebble-like finish is especially well-suited for pool deck surfaces because it's highly slip resistant. For more dramatic results, you can enhance or complement the colors and textures of the decorative aggregate by using stones in contrasting colors or by combining areas of smooth and exposed aggregate finishes.

New England Hardscapes in Tyngsboro, MA New England Hardscapes in Tyngsboro, MA

The concrete-based mix incorporates differently shaped and colored pebbles and stones, which rise to the surface once the concrete is applied. Adding 1/8-inch polished stones instead of using raw stone in the mix results in a more comfortable walking area. Once the material hardens, it can be further buffed, resulting in a richly colored surface.

See Exposed Aggregate Concrete for more information.

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