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Decorative elements in flatwork can be used on their own: a driveway can be entirely colored concrete, stamped, or exposed aggregate, for instance.

The most striking results are produced, however, when the decorative elements are combined. The designer needs to pay attention to how the decorative elements relate to each other in both color and proportion. Also, combined elements cost more: pouring a band with one color and then exposing the fields means making two concrete pours instead of one.

Here are some samples of what can be done.

Plain concrete bands with brick "fields"

Exposed aggregate approach, colored concrete band, with stamped concrete field.

Slate bands and steps with exposed aggregate fields

Colored concrete band, colored concrete fields with diagonal joints, with stamped concrete meandering trail.

Colored concrete bands with exposed aggregate fields

No bands. Horizontal and vertical brick fields.

The choices are literally endless. Consider matching some of the colors or textures from your home's exterior (brick, stone, siding, or stucco).

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