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How do you give an ordinary concrete pool deck a modern twist? The options are endless, ranging from giving it an interesting finish (exposed aggregate and seamless textures are on-trend) to integrating modern amenities such as LED lighting or a concrete fire bowl. Even something as simple as changing the shape of a concrete pool deck can make it more modern and increase its functionality.

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  • Choose angular shapes and seamless, lightly textured surfaces.
  • Choose large tile or checkerboard patterns, as opposed to the more rustic look of stamped stone.
  • Choose simple color schemes favoring white or charcoal-gray tones, sometimes enhanced by bolder accent colors.
  • Create a seamless sense of flow between the home interior and exterior.
  • Enhance the contemporary look by using modern outdoor furnishings.
  • Concrete fire bowls and tables and large concrete planters in simple geometric shapes also work well with modern pool deck designs.

For ideas on how to bring a modern splash to your outdoor space, check out these concrete pool deck projects.

Elite Crete Design Inc. in Oshawa, Ontario

Make It Seamless

Installing a stamped concrete pool deck using seamless stamps creates a natural stone appearance with subtle texture but no obvious pattern. This concrete pool deck was stamped with a seamless Roman slate texture, with sawcuts added for decorative interest. As a bonus, texture skins offer a significant cost savings when compared to installing a real stone pool deck.

SUNDEK of Austin in Round Rock, TX

Lay In a Lawn

A contemporary take on stepping stones is a popular look for modern pool deck designs. Rather than installing a single poured-concrete slab, consider installing a number of large square or rectangular concrete slabs separated by strips of grass. Concrete stepping stones can also help ease the transition between a patio, lawn, and pool deck area.

Tom Ralston Concrete in Santa Cruz, CA

Optimize an Ocean View

Just steps away from the Caribbean and its white sandy beaches, this modern concrete pool terrace blends in seamlessly with its surroundings, using a stone gray and Dover blue color scheme to mirror the tranquil turquoise sea. The vanishing edge makes the transition from the pool to the beach seem natural and effortless and takes full advantage of the spectacular view.

SUNDEK of San Antonio in San Antonio, TX

Expose the Aggregate

Exposed aggregate concrete pool decks are coming back in vogue because of their simple beauty and low cost. The lightly textured, pebble-like finish imitates the look of a sandy beach. Plus, the surface is slip-resistant even when wet, which improves pool deck safety.

Flying Turtle Cast Concrete in Modesto, CA

Keep It Simple

Some of the best modern concrete pool deck designs keep embellishments to a minimum, steering clear of colored finishes and elaborate stamped patterns. This clean, uncluttered look is ideal for those who want their backyard to feel like an extension of a contemporary home. In addition, the neutral, light-colored paving reflects the sun’s heat and will be more comfortable on bare feet.

Semco Modern Seamless Surface in Las Vegas, NV

Set the Mood

When planning your modern concrete pool deck, think about installing mood lighting to optimize nighttime enjoyment. For extra ambiance and safety, use lighting to illuminate nearby steps too. Colorful lounge chair cushions can also elevate the mood of a plain gray concrete deck, bringing in unexpected pops of color without disrupting the clean, modern aesthetic.

Tile Tech Pavers

Install Concrete Paving Tiles

Concrete pavers are a cost-effective way to mimic pool tile but are more durable against the elements and often have a subtle texture to provide good traction under wet feet. This space feels fresh and modern, with the pale gray pavers offering nice contrast to the dark gray home exterior.

SUNDEK of Houston in Katy, TX

Give It a Textured Finish

Spray-textured concrete coatings are an easy way to give a new or existing concrete pool deck a decorative, slip-resistant finish. The look resembles a traditional rock-salt finish but is sleek and seamless, making it ideal for contemporary pool deck designs.

Create Zones of Interest

Use furniture arrangements, modern art, or strategically placed plantings to define different areas of your modern pool deck and create interesting focal points. This rectangular concrete deck has clearly designated zones for sunbathing and conversation, while the art display on the concrete wall draws attention to the pool itself. Narrow bands of grass running throughout the deck tie the whole look together. See more ways to use concrete and grass.

LA Concrete Works in West Hills, CA

Blend Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Create a seamless sense of flow from the interior to exterior of your modern home by pairing concrete flooring with a matching concrete deck, separated only by large panes of glass. As a finishing touch, add cozy outdoor furnishings and landscape lighting for a real indoor-outdoor living experience. Get more design ideas for outdoor living spaces.

LA Concrete Works in West Hills, CA

Take the Straight and Narrow

As space-saving endless lap pools increase in popularity, concrete pool decks are growing narrower as well and often continue around the side of the home to accommodate the rectangular footprint. Perhaps the best part of this pool deck area is all the lush, tropical greenery, which brings softness to the angular shapes and creates an amazing backyard oasis.

BDC LTD. In Longview, TX

Bring on the Blues

Gray concrete pool decks don’t have to look boring and ordinary. By simply adding a touch of blue, your deck will echo the color of the water and mimic the deep hues of blue-gray river rock. This broom-finished concrete deck, stained aqua-blue to match the color of the pool lining, gives the illusion of a never-ending body of water.

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