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  • This 1,800-square-foot concrete pool deck features a bull-nose coping and a curve-hugging hand-cut border.
  • To help distinguish the border from the rest of the deck, two different colors of release agent where used.
  • To add traction, the entire deck was sealed with a clear sealer containing a slip-resistant grit additive.

When a swimming pool has a unique curvilinear shape, like this one located in the backyard of a home in Ottawa, Ont., a great way to accent the curves is to install a curve-hugging border to match. That’s the design approach Tyler Wood, owner of King Concrete, took when installing this stamped concrete pool deck, cutting the curved lines that form the border by hand. “We are proud of our interior borders, hand cut following a pencil line with a 14-inch diamond blade. We also enjoy installing pool decks that use exterior lines to mimic the shape of the pool and stairs,” he says.

The main design goal on this project was to create an extremely low-maintenance hardscape that would be vibrant, sleek and functional. Stamped concrete was chosen over interlocking pavers because it was more cost-effective and would not have paver joints where weeds could grow.

The concrete for the pool deck was integrally colored light beige, and then two colors of release agent (medium and dark brown) were applied to differentiate the border from the rest of the pool deck. The pattern used throughout is a sandstone slate seamless texture skin. To minimize wear and create a slip-resistant surface, Wood applied two coats of a high-solids-content acrylic polymer sealer mixed with a grit additive.

A growing demand for residential decorative concrete in the Ottawa area is keeping King Concrete plenty busy, installing everything from pool decks, driveways and sidewalks to retaining walls and stairs. “I got started in the business by working for a few area stamped concrete companies. I took a liking to the decorative aspect immediately and pursued a career in its installation. In the Ottawa region, we are seeing rapid growth in knowledge of, and interest in, stamped concrete. People are starting to ask about concrete countertops more regularly as well,” he says.

Materials used Integral color: Chromix Spring Beige
Release agents: W. R. MEADOWS
Sealer: Sure-Seal 25, W. R. MEADOWS
Grit additive: Sure-Step, W. R. MEADOWS
Seamless texture skin: Walttools

Contractor Tyler Wood
King Concrete, Ottawa, Ont.

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