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Characteristics of a Queen Anne Victorian Style HomeThis showy home style from the late Victorian period (1870-1900) gained popularity in the U.S. as an alternative to the box-shaped home designs common at the time. Often called "painted ladies," these homes typically display eye-catching color combinations.

Other features:

  • Asymmetrical in shape with steep varying roof pitches
  • Octagonal or round turrets
  • Wrap-around porches
  • Ornamental spindles and brackets
  • Fishscale shingles

Concrete Design Ideas

  • The ornate detail and coloring of the Queen Anne are often best balanced by concrete driveways and sidewalks that make subtle use of color and pattern, such as muted integral color in a shade that complements but doesn't detract from the home's color scheme.
  • Concrete pavers are another popular option, reflecting the paving brick commonly used during this style's heyday.

  • Also consider using cast concrete architectural accents with Victorian detailing for fireplace surrounds and garden statuary.

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