Modern concrete floors extend throughout the dining room and kitchen of this contemporary home. LA Concrete Works in West Hills, CA

Concrete floors are ideal for modern homes and businesses because they give a clean, sleek, industrial look that complements contemporary décor. Modern living is often characterized by neutral color schemes, angular shapes, and the use of modern materials such as steel and glass.

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  • Smooth, polished flooring surfaces.
  • High-gloss finishes that reflect overhead and exterior lighting.
  • Neutral color schemes, ranging from light to charcoal gray.
  • The use of metallic coatings to add dimension and impart an industrial vibe.


  1. Leave the concrete in its natural state, and simply coat it with a high-gloss concrete floor sealer to add a slight sheen.
  2. Stain or color the concrete a dark gray to add drama to modern design schemes.
  3. Polish the concrete with special grinding tools to give it a sleek, mirror-like finish that accents rather than competes with other design elements.
  4. Enhance the floor with a metallic epoxy coating, which imparts shine and produces rich color-changing effects.
  5. Create a modern op-art art look by applying geometrical patterns to the floor, such as large hexagons or other angular shapes.
  6. Add subtle interest to modern polished concrete floors by lightly exposing the aggregate.
  7. Achieve a smooth concrete finish that's sleek and high-end.


Concrete floors aren't just for shopping malls and trendy restaurants. They are also a popular choice for the following rooms of private homes:

  • Bathrooms
  • Living rooms
  • Dining rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Laundry areas
  • Basements

See these modern concrete floor projects:

Concrete Polishing to the Rescue

Polished concrete floors were used throughout this modern home to create a pristine, cohesive look. By leaving the floors in their natural state, with the aggregate lightly exposed, this project illustrates how aesthetically pleasing concrete floors can be in a modern urban setting.

Polished Concrete Floor Overlay Is Ready for Recreation

A polished concrete overlay completely restored the 3,000-square-foot floor in the recreation room of e-commerce company Shopify. The main objective was to install a reflective, modern surface that would be easy to maintain. The beautiful high-gloss finish reflects the overhead lighting and will stand up to stains and heavy foot traffic.

Metallic Concrete Floor Coating Adds Dazzle

Graphite-colored metallic-coated concrete floors were a show-stopper in “The Manhattan,” one of the entrants in the 2013 Boise Parade of Homes, adding depth and richness to the modern white and gray design scheme.

Smoothing Out the Rough Spots

Newly polished concrete floors with a beautiful salt-and-pepper finish and light-reflective sheen enhance a modern steel-and-glass framed home.

Urban Chic: A Concrete Floor in a Contemporary Furniture Store Gets a Modern Makeover

Left in its natural state, and simply coated with a neutral epoxy, a concrete floor is the perfect backdrop for a modern home furnishings retailer. Existing joints and lines were left in the floor to create additional decorative interest.

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