The challenge

As a retailer of modern home furnishings, the Hold It store in San Diego wanted the floor to have an urban look to complement the store's modern, contemporary designs. The existing floor was a disparate blend of sealed concrete, a colored overlay, and carpeting - a look that clashed with the upscale, uniform image the store was trying to convey.

Design goals

"The client wanted a floor that was going to be neutral in color so when he moved different displays around, they would not clash. He wanted a cohesive look, with no carpet," says project manager Gil Koury of Life Deck, a company that specializes in concrete coating design and installation. His solution was to expose the existing concrete and to enhance the natural color with an epoxy coating that would provide a durable, uniform finish with a touch of gloss.

Secrets to success

  • To restore the existing floor and prep it for coating application, Life Deck used diamond grinding to remove the overlay and residual carpet glue.
  • The character of the existing concrete was retained as much as possible. "The concrete had some seams and lines that we used as decorative enhancement. No tint or stain was used; we simply enhanced the color of the existing concrete," says Koury.
  • To coat the floor, Life Deck used Westcoat EC-11, a water-based epoxy that Koury says is very easy to use and apply. "It enables the installer to apply multiple coats in a short period of time, and it dries to a very even sheen." Another plus: The solvent-free coating has no detectable odor or smell that can irritate building occupants.

Quick turnaround is key

Koury says that many of his clients want a durable, low-maintenance, economical flooring option that takes less time to install, especially in high-traffic facilities such as retail stores and restaurants. "Those venues have a limited time to do the work because they want to stay open for business," he says. For this project, which involved 4,000 square feet of concrete flooring, Life Deck completed the job in three days-including the prep work-by working through the night in shifts. "The client wanted a quick turnaround so he could open the store in time for the weekend business," says Koury.


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