Concrete Floor Colors

Find out what colors are available, and how to decide what technique to use on your floors.

Concrete Floor Types

Find out average prices and what design features contribute to the cost of concrete flooring.

Concrete Floor Coverings

Learn about the options for covering concrete flooring surfaces with an overlay.

Modern Concrete Floors

See how concrete can be used to make a bold statement in modern homes or businesses.

Logos & Graphics in Concrete

See examples of logos and graphics that have been created on concrete floors.

Water-Inspired Concrete Floors

Discover how to bring the beauty of an outdoor waterscape into your home or business.

Light-Reflective Floors

See examples of how concrete floors can brighten a room with their high light reflectivity.

Concrete Tile

Learn about the benefits of installing concrete tile versus traditional tile materials.

Personalized Concrete Floors

Browse examples of concrete floors with unique patterns, colors, embellishments and more.

Marble Concrete Floors

Learn how to give concrete floors a marble finish with staining, coatings and more.

Design Videos

Choose a Theme for Your Concrete Flooring
Length: 01:49
Video showing room design with concrete flooring and how to select the right colors or patterns for your room.

Concrete Floor Design Inspiration
Length: 01:28
Get tips and ideas on designing a room that has concrete floors. The color options available are limitless

Concrete Floor Resources

Popular Concrete Colors for Interior Floors

Find out what colors are used most on concrete floors.

Concrete Floors Report

Insights about current attitudes and trends in concrete floor design

What Consumers Think About Concrete

See the results of a survey about how consumers view concrete flooring.

Interior Concrete Floor Catalog

Download this free PDF for color & finish inspiration, as well as ideas for personalization.

"Floor Me" Video Series

Over sixty videos featuring tips for concrete floor design and installation

Indoor Style Palettes

Ideas for using concrete as part of a modern, old-world or traditional interior design scheme

Concrete Flooring Projects

Decorative concrete contractors around the country have sent us awesome pictures and stories about unique jobs they've been doing. Read about them here to get ideas for your decorative concrete project. Find out how the projects were designed and created, what techniques and products were used, and any special challenges that were overcome during construction.

An Architect's Perspective on Concrete

Download this free PDF for color & finish inspiration, as well as ideas for personalization.

Concrete & Architecture

from Feldman Architecture in San Francisco, CA

Homes Damaged by Katrina

Resurface with Concrete. Submitted by Deco-Crete Designs, LLC in Gretna, LA.

Newspaper Under Concrete

An Australian Company Finds a Unique Way to Encapsulate History.

Shiny Seamless Concrete Floors

from Impulse Surface in Southern Australia.

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