Decorative Concrete Floors Gracefully Provide a Home with Harmony

By Bill Palmer, Concrete Network Columnist

Image-N-Concrete is attempting to educate Colorado builders and homeowners of the value and beauty of decorative concrete in residential settings. "We are showing homeowners how concrete floors can be as unique and exquisite as the homes they are building," said company owner Lorena Herriot. "We like to focus on smaller projects where there is a desire for a unique personalized design-like putting paw prints on a dog bakery floor, or including a portion of a company logo on the store entry. Our projects have ranged from residential to commercial, interior to exterior. We just completed a fabulous home in Castle Pines, Colo."

Using the same two base colors throughout the house allowed Image-N-Concrete to maintain a cohesive flow. With all the different rooms and designs, a border design used throughout the hallways and between the rooms helped to pull everything together. In areas with light floors the borders were dark and on the dark floors the borders were light. In the end, all the rooms and hallways flowed together.

Being concrete contractors, the Browns went all out with concrete on the exterior of the home as well. Their expansive patio was stamped as it was poured with a stone texture and on the driveway they went for a stunning wood plank look.

"Our floors blew our expectations away," said the Browns. "They look absolutely the best! Everyone expects that concrete floors in a home will be cold and uncomfortable--then they see ours and are totally taken aback. Thanks for helping us create the look and feel we really wanted for our dream home."

Herriot got involved with decorative concrete because she was looking for a way to combine creativity and handiness and did not want to do typical interior design or faux painting. "While searching the internet I came across the Engrave-A-Crete website and was intrigued by how they could transform plain gray concrete with the use of their engraving tools and color. I attended their class in Florida and was hooked. I knew then, that I, a woman, could physically do this job and do it better than many. We bought the equipment and were off. Since then I have attended numerous seminars to expand my knowledge: from staining to overlays to concrete countertops -- and the suppliers have been an excellent source of information, too."

Lorena Herriot
Image-N-Concrete Designs

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