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The first thing visitors see when they walk through your front door is the foyer. They may not spend much time there, but they will often form an opinion about the rest of your home based on the appearance of that space. Whether you have a spacious foyer leading to a spiral staircase or a narrow confined hallway, it’s important to make the area warm and inviting. Many homeowners are making a good first impression by using decorative concrete floors in their foyers and personalizing them to reflect the home’s overall style. Enhancements include stenciled motifs, multicolor tile-like patterns, unique sawcut designs and even “floating” concrete islands in shallow pools of water. Aside from their visual impact, concrete floors are ideal for foyers because they can handle heavy foot traffic and are easy to clean. See these examples of decorative concrete floors in foyers of all sizes and styles, from elegant to informal.

Stenciled Centerpiece

The foyer in this home was spiced up using concrete stains and dyes along with a circular stenciled motif that echoes elements and shapes in the beautiful spiral staircase. In addition to the foyer, decorative concrete floors were used throughout the rest of the home to create continuity. Read more about how this look was created.

Concrete Welcome Mat

This narrow foyer went from drab and gloomy to bright and cheery by using a colorful decorative concrete overlay as a faux area rug. An artistic mosaic flower tile was inlaid in the center of the floor and a diamond pattern was cut into the rest of the surface after the overlay dried. The floor was then stained with water-based concrete stains in an appealing color combination of sea-foam green and tan.

Faux Marble Magic

This gorgeous marble-like floor features a scored diamond pattern, stained brown and accented by black squares. Learn more about using decorative concrete scoring and sawcutting to achieve special effects.

Isles of White

Gleaming white concrete slabs resting in a shallow indoor pool give the illusion of a floating floor, creating a truly spectacular front entrance. Along with the indoor pool, the entryway features a dramatic open staircase with glass walls. See more photos of this project.

Stylish Tile

This foyer floor replicates vintage hand-laid tiles in a pleasing color combination of umber, green, golden wheat, and black. The design was scored into the concrete using a diamond-edged blade and then stained to give the floor a slightly aged, mottled look.

Create a Decorative Floor Medallion

Dressing up a foyer floor with a decorative medallion is easy to do with adhesive-backed stencils. Get tips and techniques for adhering and positioning the stencil pattern and applying a thin overlay to create your design in this concrete stenciling video.

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