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Characteristics of a Spanish Style Home

Southwestern home styles-typically found in the desert-like climates of southern California, Nevada, New Mexico and Arizona-are traditionally built of stucco, masonry or adobe (and more recently, insulating concrete forms) to insulate against the intense sun and heat.

Other features:

  • Red-tiled low-pitched roof

  • Courtyards

  • Decorative columns

  • Arches above doors, porch entries and main windows.

  • Exteriors painted in white or pastel colors

Concrete Design Ideas

  • The tile roof is often the most prominent feature of this style, so use it as design inspiration for decorative exterior flatwork.

  • Stamp or stencil patterns such as Spanish tile, Ashlar slate, Arizona flagstone and European fan go particularly well with a tile roof, in matching or complementary colors.

  • Indoors, consider installing concrete floors in a tile or slate pattern to echo the tile theme.

  • Swimming pools and year-round outdoor living are commonplace in the Southwest, offering the opportunity to create inviting outdoor retreats enhanced by stamped concrete patios and pool decks, a concrete oven or fireplace, concrete countertops, and even a Navajo-style stained concrete "rug."

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