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Frank Loyd Wright

Characteristics of a Prairie Style Home

At the beginning of the 20th century, Frank Lloyd Wright introduced this distinctive style of architecture, which reflects the flat prairie landscape of his native Midwest.

Common features:

  • Boxy shapes of varying heights and low-pitched roofs with overhanging, sheltering eaves

  • Balconies and terraces that cantilever beyond the main house to create outdoor retreats

  • Open floor plans with large central fireplaces

  • Clerestory windows

Concrete Design Ideas

  • Wright made extensive use of concrete, masonry and stone in many of his designs, so this home style is the perfect setting for concrete floors and countertops, fireplace surrounds and exterior flatwork.

  • Consider coloring the concrete with stains in rich hues that reflect Wright's autumnal color palette, such as browns, forest greens, golds and Wright's personal favorite—Cherokee red.

  • In Prairie homes with concrete floors, consider installing an in-slab radiant heating system. Wright was one of the first to install heating pipes in residential concrete floor slabs to provide comfortable indoor heating.

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