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  • Rastra.
  • Concrete Polishing by JL Designs in Simi Valley, CA.
  • Stone Soup Concrete in Florence, MA.
  • Artistic Surfaces Inc. in Indianapolis, IN.

Modern Concrete Style PalettesOutdoor Palette (PDF)
Large geometrical patterns, industrial materials and sleek lines are the trademarks of modern design. Concrete, with its smooth finishes, subtle shades of gray and utilitarian character can be used to achieve a contemporary look outdoors.
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Modern Concrete Style PalettesIndoor Palette (PDF)
Interpretations of modern style vary from utilitarian and industrial to sleek and bold. Concrete can achieve all of these modern design variations indoors by permitting large geometrical patterns and shapes, while conveying an industrial look using subtle shades of gray.
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Characteristics of a Contemporary or Modern Style Home

"Contemporary" tends to be a catch-all term for a home style that stands out from traditional designs and uses newer building materials and technologies, such as ICF construction.

Common features:

  • Asymmetrical shapes and unusual angles

  • Tall, oversized windows

  • Flat, multilevel rooflines

  • Open interior floor plans with minimal room separation

Concrete Design Ideas

  • These ultra-modern homes often feature interiors with angular room shapes that require the use of materials and furnishings that can accommodate the unique floor plan.

  • Concrete countertops, kitchen islands and even furniture are ideal options for these spaces because they can be molded into any shape desired.

  • Polished concrete floors, possibly incorporating a geometric design, also work well in these modern, open spaces.

Concrete Design Ideas

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