Tripod Design

Time: 01:00

A video transcript featuring Mike Heidebrink, Cheng Concrete

This project demonstrates the design possibilities of CHENG D-FRC lightweight concrete. Here you can see how thin and how stable and how tactile this concrete can feel, and yet it has the properties of steel in that its tensile strength allows something as thin as this to be made.

As you can see by this project, this 1-inch profile, we didn't have to pour some massive block to get the same structural strength you would with ordinary concrete. That gives limitless possibility for all other projects that you may have in mind, such as benches, or a fire pit, or stools. All these products can be made out of the D-FRC. CHENG D-FRC is available in a whole palette of colors, and the plans are available online (

Tripod Form

Time: 03:08

A video transcript featuring Mike Heidebrink, Cheng Concrete

This project, this is kind of a fun one, actually one of my favorites. This is a stool. We call it the tripod. But it consists of basically a base and then a removable top or a seat. In this case we’ve made it out of concrete, but it could also be made out of wood or maybe even a padded cushion or upholstered cushion. But the idea here is that it’s just a small stool for use outdoors.

Tripod Casting

Time: 05:14

A video transcript featuring Mike Heidebrink, Cheng Concrete

Before we start casting I want to point out that we have sealed this mold where the wall, or the bucket top, comes in contact with the base. So there’s a full ring of silicone sealant sealing off the base to the walls. Once I’ve siliconed it, then I’m going to go ahead and place the ring. And now we’re ready to actually cast this.

Tripod Demolding

Time: 02:49

A video transcript featuring Mike Heidebrink, Cheng Concrete

Well, our fun little pot project has now been in the bucket curing for about 24 hours, and we’re ready to go ahead and demold it. It’s pretty simple to do. All we’re going to do is essentially lift this inner ring out, which I’m going to use a pry bar to get down in here and pry it out. Okay. Set that off to the side. And I’m going to take the 5-gallon bucket, flip it over onto a piece of foam or something soft. I don’t want to chip or scratch the top rim here when I demold it. There we go. And we’ve got a very good looking pot here.