Rhomba Bench Design

Time: 08:00

A video transcript featuring Mike Heidebrink, Cheng Concrete

These are outdoor living projects made with CHENG D-FRC. I'm sitting on the Rhomba bench that I designed for CHENG Concrete. I love this bench because it is so deceptively simple in its construction. It's made out of just 2x4s, basically redwood 2x4s that have been stained. It's the configuration of the 2x4s that make the design. The way it intersects with these lightweight concrete blocks makes this a very practical bench easily moved about the yard because the 2x4s just simply dock into the concrete ends. The plans for the Rhomba bench are available online, and they were designed to be used by local artisans so that they can fabricate this out of the lightweight D-FRC by CHENG Concrete.

Design optionsThere are plenty of options in the construction and the design of the Rhomba bench. Your local artisan can select from a number of colors with the D-FRC. You can select different kinds of wood, perhaps a hardwood if you like. Or you can use common redwood like we did here and stain it. It looks beautiful. Don't forget, there are a lot of options with concrete. And one of the best ones is putting inlays in the concrete. You can customize this bench with leaf impressions or fossils. Or you can be modernist, and just leave it simple and plain as it is.

Rhomba Bench Forming

Time: 04:02

A video transcript featuring Mike Heidebrink, Cheng Concrete

This is the form for the bench project we're going to be working on. It's a basic square form with a few knockouts placed in the middle of it. The knockouts that you see here are designed to receive the bench top, which is constructed out of wood, so it sits flush with the top.

Rhomba Bench Casting

Time: 06:41

A video transcript featuring Mike Heidebrink, Cheng Concrete

Now we've got our casting blend mixed and we're ready to go ahead and start pouring. I want to talk a little about the consistency of the casting blend before we go ahead and place it. You can see here, I've mixed the casting blend to be rather stiff. And the reason for this is I'm going to be packing it up on vertical surfaces, and I want it to hang into position.

Rhomba Bench Demolding and Polishing

Time: 04:54

A video transcript featuring Mike Heidebrink, Cheng Concrete

What we have here is the Rhomba bench cube that we poured yesterday. It's been curing now for about 18 hours. This is one half of the Rhomba bench. The other half we're going to pour back into this very same mold so I'm going to take care in demolding this to not break the mold apart, because once I'm done demolding it I'm going to immediately reassemble this mold in order to cast again into it. We're going to start here by taking all of these. OK, I'm going to pry this off gently. I'm not prying against the concrete, I'm only prying between the wood.