With so many options for patio designs, the choices can seem overwhelming. The best plan of action is to immerse yourself in photos and articles that are geared toward giving you ideas. This list of resources will be extremely useful as you learn about all the ways you can design your patio. Get free patio drawings, research surface textures and colors, learn about how to create focal points, decide which patio size is right for your needs, plus much more.

Concrete Patio Design Options
10 Circular Concrete Patio Ideas See inspiring ideas for using a circular patio to transform your outdoor living space.
16 Concrete Patio Ideas for 2022 Discover the latest trends in patio design and learn about easy, affordable upgrades.
Stained Concrete Patios Get tips and design ideas for using stains to enhance a concrete patio.
Stamped Concrete Patios Tips and design ideas for using stamps to add texture to a concrete patio
Modern Concrete Patios Learn how concrete creates a seamless transition between in & out for contemporary homes.
Concrete Patio Colors See what colors are available, and learn how to decide what technique to use on your patio.
Patio Surfaces Various textures, patterns and finishes gives each area a slightly different feel.
Creating Destinations Creating destinations is the key to maximizing the use of any backyard space.
Patio Types and Sizes Take a look at the proper placement and sizing of outdoor patios.
Benefits of a Concrete Patio Discover the top reasons to install a concrete patio on your property.
Making Concrete Patios Look Like Stone See how decorative concrete contractors can stamp or hand carve patios to mimic stone.
Small Backyard Patios Get tips for designing small patios that will make a big impact.
Design Videos

Stamped Concrete Patios
Length: 03:48
Cohen shows some of his favorite patterns and techniques for stamped concrete patios and walkways.

Defining Outdoor Rooms
Length: 03:44
Cohen shows creative examples of ways to embellish patios to create the sense of a defined outdoor room.

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Concrete Patio Projects

Another great resource is to consult with a local decorative concrete contractor. They often view themselves as part contractor, part landscape designer and part artisan. They can help you create whatever you are envisioning for your concrete patio and accompanying backyard oasis.

Outdoor Living Areas Michael Rogers Studios Displays Stunning Outdoor Living Areas at the 2006 Portland Street of Dreams.

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