This residence in Kokomo, Indiana contained several unique elements which required creative solutions to construction difficulties. The first obstacle was an elevated balcony on a steep slope overlooking a lake. To save the cost and hassle of a pump, we wheel-barrowed integrally colored (Solomon Colors) lightweight concrete through the unfinished house and onto the balcony. The concrete was poured 2 inches thick, then stamped with Brickform's York Stone stamps using several colors of their powdered antiquing release.

Next, the front entryway contained a set of three curved steps 40 feet wide. In order to keep the proper curve, we formed and poured them one step at a time, starting from the bottom and working up. They were colored with several different Artcrete color hardeners and Brickform powdered releases to simulate the home's limestone accents. The entry walk was stenciled with Artcrete's Basketweave Brick stencils and textured with Proline's Flamed Granite skins.

The rear patio mimicked the balcony above it, but with textured faux limestone bands around its perimeter. Two staircases leading from the patio to the balcony were also problematic. Some of the steps were formed, poured and stamped in the traditional way, but the upper flight had to be precast in our shop and installed later over a metal pan. Matching the poured steps to the precast ones was difficult, but it worked out well.

Although this project was completed in phases during the Fall, Winter, and following Spring to comply with construction schedules, the different elements retain a cohesive appearance. Overall, this is one of the more impressive jobs we have completed to date.

ArtistiCrete, LLC
Noblesville, IN

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