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Concrete patios with minor damage, but in otherwise good condition, can be transformed with concrete resurfacing. Instead of starting over with a new patio, you can upgrade its appearance and strength with a cement-based overlay.

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Your resurfaced concrete patio can be stamped, stained, or stenciled and have color added. A professional contractor can determine if your surface is a good candidate, as well as make it look like wood, brick or stone with a combination of different colors and patterns.


Types of Overlay Systems
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Compare types of systems and learn which one is right for your patio project.

Concrete patio coatings come in a variety of options and should be chosen based on the type of work you need done.

  • Patio paint is the least expensive option for bringing color to your patio. It does not handle wear and tear as well as other options and will need to be replaced more often.
  • Epoxy coatings protect your surface from water and can handle some wear and tear. This coating can also bring a bold color palette to your surface.
  • Stamped concrete overlays add color, pattern and texture to your patio, while also enhancing the durability and strength of the surface.
  • Microtoppings are a thin layer of cement that gives your concrete a new canvas for decorative ideas. Some even come pre-tinted for an easy change in color.


If you are looking to add an element of your own personality to your patio, there are a variety of options available. You can use color, patterns, textures, or even borders to take your design to the next level.

  • Colors – bring a realistic look to your patio with popular earth tones
  • Patterns – stamp your patio to resemble natural materials like wood or stone
  • Stencils – use stencils to create logos and graphics on your patio
  • Borders – introduce a cost-effective design with a contrasting color or pattern


The are the steps required in the resurfacing process:

  1. Repair - fix cracks in concrete patio with sealer or filler
  2. Clean – power wash and sweep away debris
  3. Prep – grind your surface for the overlay to bond better
  4. Mix – combine overlay components and add grit additive or coloring agents
  5. Apply – spread overlay onto area to be refinished
  6. Seal – add a protective coating that will keep your new patio looking great


The cost of resurfacing varies on the detail and size of your surface. It is a more cost-effective option than removing the existing concrete and pouring a new slab. A new pour patio can cost anywhere from $3 - $15, or more, per sq. ft. depending on the size and detail of the design that is being installed. Resurfacing costs between $3 and $10 per sq. ft., making it a budget friendly way to get the look and feel of a new patio.


Concrete patio makovers

Envision Concrete in Escondido, Calif.

Patio Overlay Replicates Reclaimed Lumber

How do you put a fresh finish on an existing concrete patio, yet make it look worn and weathered? For these homeowners in Escondido, Calif., the solution was a stamped concrete overlay replicating weathered wood and brick, resulting in a new surface with a naturally distressed look.

Suncoast Concrete Coatings Inc. in San Diego

Gray Microtopping and Glass Enhance a Concrete Patio

When resurfacing this patio with a charcoal-gray microtopping added drama while making the surface easier to clean and maintain. The dark gray made the perfect backdrop for the ocean-blue glass tile that runs like rivulets through the patio and encircle a fire bowl.

Floor Strength in Signal Hill, CA

Faux Limestone Overlay

The balcony and landing overlooking this residential swimming pool in Santa Ana, Calif., was falling apart. Covered by stone that was too heavy, it was experiencing structural damage and waterproofing failure. The solution was to replace the stone with a lightweight cement-based overlay that matched the limestone pool deck below.

Table Mountain Creative Concrete in Wheat Ridge, Colo.

Decorative Patio Overlay Doubles the Pleasure

Not many homeowners are fortunate enough to have patio decks on both the upper and lower levels of their home. Yet this wonderful amenity can also pose a design dilemma if you want both decks to look the same but they are built of different materials.

That was the case these homeowners, whose newly installed upper deck is wood-frame construction with plywood decking while the existing patio slab directly beneath it is cast-in-place concrete. A waterproof cement-based overlay system suitable for installation over both wood and concrete was used to give both decks coordinating decorative surfaces identical in pattern and color.

Unique Concrete in West Milford, N.J.

Concrete Overlay Transforms an Ugly Entryway and Patio

This home's tile-covered entryway steps and adjoining patio had clearly seen better days. Not only were the tiles starting to delaminate and spall, they also became slippery and hazardous when wet. Looking for an economical solution to restore the patio and improve its curb appeal, the owners installed an unbonded reinforced concrete overlay that was stamped and hand chiseled to replicate the look of natural stone. See the before-and-after photos.

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