7 Concrete Patio Finish Options

Mix it up with your favorite patio flooring materials
By Scott Cohen, The Green Scene
Updated January 19, 2022

When choosing outdoor concrete flooring there are a wide variety of patio finishes available. Some are simple and affordable, while others offer high-end customization.

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Finish Options for Concrete Patio Flooring

Tom Ralston Concrete in Santa Cruz, CA

1. Colored Concrete

Enhance your patio with subtle shades or dramatic hues

Salzano Custom Concrete in Aldie, VA

2. Stamped Concrete

Use stamps to add texture to your concrete patio

Artistic Concrete Floors LLC in Covington, LA

3. Stained Concrete

Upgrade the look of new or existing patios with semi-transparent color

Concrete Mystique Engraving in Antioch, TN

4. Stenciled Concrete

Add patterns to your patio with disposable stencils

Diehl Concrete in Sedalia, CO

5. Exposed Aggregate

Reveal the true beauty of decorative aggregates in your concrete

Diehl Concrete in Sedalia, CO

6. Engraved Concrete

Transform existing patios with special tools that cut patterns and designs

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7. Pavers

Create a patio with individual cast concrete pavers in a wide array of colors, shapes and sizes

On the inside of most homes, the floor materials vary from room to room. Treat your outdoor rooms the same way by mixing up your patio finishes or styling.

Here are some ideas from landscape designer Scott Cohen:

  • Use different textures, stamp patterns and finishes to give each area a slightly different feel.
  • Colors should always coordinate, but don't be afraid to use a little creativity within the media you're working with.
  • Used exposed aggregate for the outdoor living room flooring, tumbled concrete pavers for the outdoor kitchen, stamped concrete pads for the pathways and wet set pavers for the sun deck.

Add Borders & Bands to Your Patio

Trim an outdoor seating area with a decorative band. The band can be as simple as a saw cut 10-12" band on the border of a concrete slab, or on stamped applications try one of my favorites: bar-tile trim, fleur-de-lis, or a grape vine border.

Fleur-De-Lis, Grape Vine Border, & Bar-Tile Trim

Five Ideas for Creating Decorative "Floors" Outdoors

More and more homeowners are extending their indoor spaces to the outdoors, creating backyard "living rooms" and kitchens perfect for al fresco dining and entertaining. A key element of any outdoor room is its "floor," which should be functional and weatherproof, yet as luxurious and decorative as any indoor flooring. Concrete is the ideal material for this purpose, combining unmatched durability with the ability to be enhanced by color, texture, and pattern. Here are ideas for how to dress up your outdoor floor and make it the focal point of your backyard retreat.

Table Mountain Creative Concrete in Wheat Ridge, CO

Cover it with an overlay

If you're building an outdoor room around an existing concrete patio or deck, you can cover it with a decorative overlay in any pattern and color desired. See Decorative Overlay System Doubles the Pleasure.

Faux Villa Decorative Finishes Studio

Add a stenciled rug

This concrete patio was covered with an outdoor "rug," with stencils used to create the intricate designs. Learn more.

Pac West Coatings in Carson, CA

Give it a faux tile look

You can "tile" your outdoor floor by stamping the concrete in a tile pattern and coloring the tiles to complement your outdoor d├ęcor.

Concrete Mystique Engraving in Nashville, TN

Create a pretty pattern

You can create any pattern imaginable for your outdoor floor, including swirls, circles and free-form designs, by decorative engraving. This technique works on both new and existing concrete, and the results are especially impressive when enhanced by staining. Learn more about concrete engraving.

Advanced Concrete Enhancement in Sun Valley, CA

Apply a decorative medallion

Placing a medallion in the center of your outdoor floor is a simple way to add pizzazz. The medallion pattern can be created with stencils, engraving, or sawcuts, depending on the look you're after.

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