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Concrete Stamps

Patterned stamped concrete is designed to resemble brick, slate, flagstone, cobblestone and other patterns. These natural stone looks are costly and require more upkeep than patterned or stamped concrete, therefore making stamped concrete much more economical and still capable of achieving a desired look. Because concrete is the most often installed surface for driveways, courtyards, and patios, stamped concrete is a popular application for creating a feasible and unique design.

Stamped Patterns Gallery | Stamped Concrete Color Chart

London Cobble
Texture Description: A traditional lightly textured cobblestone pattern.
Ashlar Cut Slate
Texture Description: Stones with a slate surface, in an Ashlar pattern.
Random Stone
Texture Description: Heavily textured random fieldstones.
Classic Wood
Texture Description: Combining multiple wood grains to offer a bold, pronounced, exposed grain texture with six-inch wide planks.
Running Bond New Brick
Texture Description: A running bond pattern with smooth joints.
Herringbone New Brick
Texture Description: A wire-cut common brick texture with sharp corners and few indentations or irregularities over the surface.
Grand Ashlar
Texture Description: Stones of various shapes and sizes laid in an Ashlar pattern, with a slate texture.
European Fan
Texture Description: An elegant European fan pattern, consisting of slightly curved rectangular slate stones.
Fractured Cyprus Slate
Texture Description: Heavy in texture, the joints have a fractured split edge.
Stones of Athens
Texture Description: Limestone, marble and granite are all used next to each other detailing the fi ne craftsmanship of ancient Greece.
Rough Stone Texture
Texture Description: A natural stone texture characterized by a continuous coarse surface.
Sanded Slate Texture
Texture Description: Similar to a slate texture with the addition of a lightly sanded appearance across the entire texture field.

Some of the most popular concrete patterns are cobblestone and ashlar slate. Each decorative concrete contractor has their own stamp patterns based on what has been the most popular in their area. The textured concrete patterns featured above are provided by Brickform, a division of Solomon Colors, Inc.

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