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Concrete Stamps

With the multitude of design options possible with stamped concrete, zeroing in on a specific pattern and color scheme can be quite a challenge, but well worth your time and effort. Remember, stamped concrete will last a long time and be a highly visible architectural element of your home or business, so it's important to choose a design that harmonizes with the setting and will still appeal to you 10 years from now and beyond (or to a potential buyer when you sell your property).

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Stamped Concrete Options
Stamped Concrete Patios Tips and design ideas for using stamps to add texture to a concrete patio
Stamped Concrete Driveways Tips and design ideas for using stamps to add pattern and texture to a concrete driveway
Stamped Concrete Pool Decks Tips and design ideas for using stamps to add pattern, texture and color to a concrete pool deck
Seamless Stamped Concrete Design ideas for using seamless texture skins on concrete patios, pool decks, driveways and more
Stamped Concrete Mimics Stone See how concrete can be used to create faux stone patios and more
Replicating Wood with Concrete See examples of concrete stamped to look like real wood
Stamped Concrete Style Match-Ups Examples of Old-World, modern, rustic, traditional and tropical stamped concrete patterns
Where to Use Stamped Concrete A photo tour of stamped concrete driveways, pool decks, patios and more across the country
Commercial Stamped Concrete Design ideas for using stamps to add pattern and texture to high-profile pavements
Design Videos

Stamped Concrete Patios
Length: 03:48
Cohen shows some of his favorite patterns and techniques for stamped concrete patios and walkways.

Pool Decking Options
Length: 01:51
Get ideas on selecting the right pool decking for your home. Visit several backyard pool decks.


Here are creative ways to customize your stamped concrete project:

  • Use one pattern in the field and a different pattern on the borders
  • Opt for hand-coloring to make your stamped concrete look even more like real stone
  • Use radial or medallion stamps to create a focal point in the center of your patio or driveway
  • Ask your contractor to do their best to disguise the control joints amongst the stamp pattern
  • Pair stamped concrete with exposed aggregate for a unique contrast in texture
  • Switch stamp patterns to designate different spaces within your outdoor entertaining area
  • Continue the stamp pattern over your steps or use form liners to give them a look all their own
  • Have a custom stamp made featuring a logo, name or emblem


Here are some resources for good design ideas and a few tips for narrowing down your options:

  • Look at other stamped concrete installations in your neighborhood or visit The Concrete Network Photo Gallery to pinpoint the patterns and color combinations that appeal to you most. You can also find stunning photos of stamped concrete installations in brochures and other literature from stamping tool manufacturers and in how-to books on stamping, such as Bob Harris' Guide to Stamped Concrete.
  • Get inspiration from your surrounding landscape and home's architectural style. For example, if your house has a brick exterior, consider echoing that theme in the stamped concrete, whether in a simple brick-patterned border or the entire driveway. Choose color tones that complement the roof, exterior facade and other structural elements of your home-or for indoor installations, the walls and interior design scheme. Check out our outdoor style palettes for additional help selecting textures and colors for your stamped concrete.
  • Consult with an architect or landscape designer. These professionals specialize in seeing the "big picture" and can provide you with conceptual drawings to work with so you don't have to rely on imagination alone.
  • Attend local home expos and stop by the exhibits of decorative concrete contractors to see examples of their best work. Or go directly to the source by visiting the showrooms of concrete contractors in your area. Often they have design centers displaying samples of the stamp patterns and color selections they offer.

Once you settle on a favorite look, you'll need to find a skilled contractor who can replicate it. Use's Find a Contractor database to quickly locate stamped concrete contractors in your area.

Stamped Concrete Project Examples

Decorative concrete contractors around the country have sent us awesome pictures and stories about unique jobs they've been doing. Read about them here to get ideas for your decorative concrete project. Find out how the projects were designed and created, what techniques and products were used, and any special challenges that were overcome during construction.