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A stamped concrete driveway offers many decorative options not possible with other paving materials. Using stamps combined with coloring agents, you can create cost-effective, realistic replicas of popular materials such as cobblestone, brick, natural slate, and flagstone.

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There are many benefits to having your driveway paved with stamped concrete, including:

  • Affordability: Gives you the look and feel of natural stone, brick or pavers for less money
  • Durability: Stands up to weather and heavy traffic for years when sealed and maintained properly
  • Versatility: Offers many pattern and color choices to make your driveway visually appealing

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Stamped concrete vs. pavers

Concrete pavers are individual pieces laid in a variety of patterns. Compared to stamped concrete, pavers are more labor-intensive because of their individual placement, susceptible to shifting over time, and allow weeds to grow through the joints. Stamped concrete can give you a similar look without these issues.

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Stamped concrete vs. asphalt

Unlike concrete, asphalt does not have much ability to be customized. While it is designed to be strong like concrete, its maintenance is more involved. In recent years, the cost of the materials for asphalt has increased, making the cost of installation nearly the same. Stamped concrete, when properly sited, sealed and maintained can provide your driveway a longer lasting, more attractive surface.

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There are many stamped concrete patterns available today. Below are some of the more popular options used on driveways.

London Cobble
Texture Description: A traditional lightly textured cobblestone pattern.
European Fan
Texture Description: An elegant European fan pattern, consisting of slightly curved rectangular slate stones.
Rough Stone Texture
Texture Description: A natural stone texture characterized by a continuous coarse surface.
Sanded Slate Texture
Texture Description: Similar to a slate texture with the addition of a lightly sanded appearance across the entire texture field.
Stamped Compass Medallion
Texture Description: A medallion can act as a centerpiece to your driveway. Choose from compass rose designs, lotus blossoms, and more.
Driveway Borders
Texture Description: Borders help define and enhance the design of the driveway surface. Choose from autumn leaves, swirls, grapevines and more.


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Contractors can also customize the color of your driveway to complement your home and landscape. Here are some other ideas for tailoring the look of a stamped concrete driveway to suit your design and budget requirements.

There are a variety of color palettes and methods that a contractor can use for your design ideas. Color palettes can range from earth tones, to shades of grey, to multi-colored. Each brings its own look that will elevate your curb appeal.


The cost of stamped concrete can vary based on a number of factors. A basic stamped drive can cost between $8 - $12 per square foot. With the average U.S. driveway being 16’ x 40’ (or 640 sq ft), it would have a total cost range of $5,120 - $7,680.

The factors that could increase the cost of your stamped driveway are:

  • Square footage
  • The thickness of the concrete
  • The design choices you make
  • The condition of the site

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  • Use borders and bands in contrasting colors and patterns to add decorative interest.
  • If you simply want to give your driveway a stone-like texture rather than a clearly defined pattern, use seamless texture skins to impart the look of natural rough-cut stone.
  • Instead of using stamped concrete for the entire driveway, install stamped borders combined with fields of exposed aggregate or broom-finished concrete. This combination is very appealing yet more affordable because of the savings in labor and material costs.
  • Even if you have an existing concrete driveway, it’s possible to give it pattern and color by resurfacing it with a stamped concrete overlay.
  • For the greatest curb appeal, choose patterns and colors that complement the architectural style of your home.
  • Stamped concrete benefits from added color because it can make the pattern look more realistic. But you don't have to do a lot to make a big impact. Save money by using just one primary color with some antiquing accents rather than applying multiple layers of color.

See these stamped concrete driveway projects:

A Perfect Match

This stamped concrete driveway blends in beautifully with the color scheme and style of this two-story brick home. A seamless granite pattern was used for the entire project, including the borders and bands. The main fields of concrete were colored with a sand color hardener accented by a walnut release agent while the decorative borders were custom colored to match the home’s trim and shutters.

Integrally Colored Driveway with Stamped Borders

These homeowners saved money by using integrally colored, broom-finished concrete for the main fields of their driveway and stamping the edges with a brick-patterned border. The borders were stained a burnt crimson shade to set them off from the lighter driveway color.

Stamped Driveway Creates an Impressive Entrance

The focal point of this palatial home is the circular driveway directly in front, which is stamped and colored to look like herringbone brick pavers. For the driveway leading up to this area, the herringbone pattern and brick color were repeated every 20 feet, creating bands that tie the entire driveway together.

Classic Cobblestone

This driveway shows the impact that can be created by using just one pattern and color. The driveway was integrally colored with a silver pigment and accented by a charcoal powdered release agent. The European cobblestone pattern beautifully complements the red brick sidewalks and border.