• The national average for concrete driveway cost is $5-$18 per square foot.
  • Expect to pay between $3,200 and $11,500 for installing a 640 sq ft two-car driveway.
  • The main pricing factors are size, complexity, and finishes.
  • Plain concrete is the most affordable.
  • Decorative designs are more expensive.
  • Large, elaborate driveways cost the most.

Nationally, the total cost of a concrete driveway ranges between $3,200 to $11,500. The cost varies depending on the desired decorative colors and finishes for the driveway. Generally, a plain gray concrete driveway costs between $5 to $7 per square foot, while a decorative driveway can range from $8 to $18 per square foot.

Concrete is ideal for getting the look of stone or pavers, without the high cost. Options are endless, so you can get a one-of-a-kind driveway that enhances your home’s curb appeal.


The best way to find out what you'll pay for your project is to get quotes from concrete driveway contractors near you. But, to help you budget, here are national average price ranges for decorative concrete driveways:

Basic: $8 to $12 per square foot

An economical upgrade, enhance your concrete driveway for a reasonable cost.

  • One coloring method (integral or surface-applied)
  • Textured concrete finish (broom finish, etc.)
  • Exposed aggregate
  • Basic stencil or border

Mid-Range: $12 to $18 per square foot

More elaborate decorative effects, incorporate contrasts with colors and patterns.

  • Engraving
  • Use of two or more colors or patterns (stamping)
  • Use of two or three colors and contrasting border
  • Scored and stained concrete

High-End: $18 and up per square foot

The ultimate in decorative concrete, custom driveways exude creativity and design.

  • Borders, sawcut designs
  • Hand-applied chemical stain accents
  • Multiple scoring patterns and stain colors
  • Advanced stenciling with hand-applied accents

Note: Costs will vary by location, size of the driveway, and current cost for materials and labor.

Here are more factors that contribute to the total cost of installing a driveway:

  • Size: The average 2-car driveway in the U.S. is 16 x 40 feet, or a total of 640 square feet. Many driveways may be larger or smaller, depending on the distance from the garage or house to the street and possible extensions for RV parking. (Get help figuring out how much concrete you'll need for a driveway.)
  • Thickness: Concrete driveways should be a minimum of 4-inches thick, although may need to be thicker to support heavy-duty vehicles or above-average traffic. (Learn more about basic driveway construction requirements.)
  • Design: With the many design options concrete offers, this is where the most variance can occur. From simply including an integral color in the mix to a complicated stamped and stained design, the parameters are really up to you and what you want to spend. (See pictures of decorative concrete driveways.)
  • Site: Is your driveway curved or steeply slanted? Does it require special drainage? These factors will also affect the final cost of your driveway.

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What does it cost to replace a concrete driveway? In addition to the installation costs noted above, you can expect to pay approximately $1.00 per square foot for tear out and removal of your existing driveway. There may be additional disposal costs as well.

What is the cost to resurface a concrete driveway? The cost can vary greatly depending on the design or decorative finishes, but you can expect to pay from $3 to $10 per square foot for driveway resurfacing.

Learn more about driveway repair and replacement.


Initially, asphalt can be a less expensive option than concrete, with asphalt installation averaging $3 to $5 per square foot and plain gray concrete at $5 to $7. However, in the long run, concrete can be the better economical choice. Concrete is more durable than asphalt and requires less maintenance. It can last for decades, while asphalt will generally only last 10 to 15 years before needing replacement. There are many repair options for concrete as well that can extend its life even further.

Still not sure which material is right for your driveway? Compare asphalt vs. concrete driveways.


The driveway is often the first thing visitors, or potential buyers, see when they arrive at your home. To make a good first impression, it should be welcoming, clean, and in good repair. This can set the tone for potential buyers that the rest of the property will follow suit. The durability, lower maintenance requirements, and longer lifespan of concrete (vs. asphalt) also adds to its ultimate value.


Many DIY-ers have successfully installed small areas of concrete, such as a slab for a shed or air conditioner. However, pouring and finishing an entire driveway is a much larger project than DIY-ers can generally handle. It also requires multiple helpers to finish the surface once it is poured—the clock is ticking and time is limited before it cures. If the surface is finished improperly, it can not only affect the look of the driveway, but can compromise the strength and durability of it as well.


How much does a heated driveway cost? Driveways can be kept free of ice and snow with in-slab snow-melting systems that eliminate plowing, shoveling, and also help prevent slip-and-fall accidents. They also keep your concrete safe from possible damage from snow-removal equipment and de-icers. There are manually-controlled systems that average $10 to $15 per square foot, and more expensive automatic devices. There are also costs associated with operating the system, and homeowners will need to research what those costs would be in their area. Learn more about snow-melting systems for concrete slabs.

What is the cost to pressure wash a driveway? Homeowners can expect to pay an average of $175 to $300 to have their driveway professionally pressure washed. However, many home centers rent pressure washers for $40 to $100 a day, so you could save by doing it yourself.

How much does it cost to seal a concrete driveway? To have your driveway sealed by a professional contractor, the cost averages between $1 and $2 per square foot. To seal it yourself, you can expect materials to cost $.50 to $.75 per square foot. Learn more about sealing concrete driveways.

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