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Creating a cast concrete fire pit can be an involved process. It starts with making design decisions such as size, shape and fuel supply. Then the design has to be turned into a reality, which involves form work, mix design, casting and finishing. The Concrete Countertop Institute wants to help you streamline this process with their new fire pit plans. “Even in cold climates, homeowners are investing in outdoor living spaces. By creating easy to follow plans for exciting fire pit designs, we can give contractors a high-impact, high-profit addition to their offerings,” says Lane Mangum of CCI.

CCI offers two fire pit plans - Ridge and Crater. Ridge has a rectangular shape and features a linear burner, while Crater has a square design and features a round burner. For $49 you will get the design plan of your choice, either the Crater or Ridge design, delivered instantly via email as an Adobe PDF file. The detailed plans include cut sheets and will take you step-by-step through the process of creating a cast concrete fire feature using GFRC mix. All the guesswork of making a mold out of melamine and foam has been done away with.



Benefits of using a CCI fire pit plan:

  • Saves time - you get to skip the design phase
  • More profitable - the repeatable design offers high profits and high value for the customer
  • Doesn’t require extensive design skills

Ridge - completed

Crater - completed

Crater - completed

To make the process even easier, CCI has teamed up with Fishstone Concrete Countertop Supply to offer fire pit kits that work in conjunction with their plans. The kits include the CCI plans, a stainless steel burner and plate, 30” of stainless steel pro flex line, a chrome shut off valve, connections for either propane or natural gas and decorative fire rock. Kit prices range from $465 to $600. Mangum states, “The concrete color and glass color can be customized, for multiple designs, resulting in myriad options for customers.”

For those that would like to hone their fire pit making skills, CCI is offering a course titled Water, Light & Fire: Advanced 3-D Concrete from April 18th through the 20th of 2012 in Chicago. Course participants will receive both Crater and Ridge plans as part of the overall cost.

For more information:
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