Basic RoundThis feature works best for conversation pit areas. I like to place built-in seating directly adjacent to the fire pit. The round shape encourages guests to sit around and converse. Veneer with river-rock, stacked stone, or tiles. Precast fire bowls are also available and are even easier to set up. If you use a cast concrete planter not sold for use with fire, be sure to fireproof it first with fire-brick and fire-proof grout.

SquareLinear designs fit better into formal and structured gardens. They do not lay out as well for entertaining large groups at once, but they offer a much classier, high-end feel. Veneer with custom liners, trim details and tiles.

Fire Pit Designs
Length: 03:26
Fire pit design ideas for your yard. Visit several projects to see how fire pits are added to these beautiful homes. Designer/contractor Scott Cohen explains each design and the construction process.
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Square Fire Pit Designs
Length: 00:46
See an example of a square cast-in-place fire pit and learn about the best height range for fire pits for comfortable seating.
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Fire Hearths
Time: 00:42

See a dramatic example of a rectangular fire trough with a waterfall backdrop and flames rising from crushed stone.
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RectangularFire troughs and long rectangular features work well adjacent to seat walls, as a backdrop for a water feature and for warming larger groups. Be sure to loop your gas line logs for evenly spaced flame.

Fire HearthsFor those who want the feel of a fireplace without the high cost and permit issues, I came up with the "fire-hearth" design. Construct a simple wall as a backdrop, veneer with fire-brick and cap it with a mantle. Add decorative corbels of concrete or steel and build your fire-pit below in either half round or square shapes. The hearth wall can be great for screening views or creating a focal point not achievable with a fire pit alone.