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  • A tabletop planter with succulents. Concrete Wave Design in Anaheim, CA.
  • Shallow concrete planters like this are perfect containers for succulents. Opus Stone in Tustin, CA.
  • Concrete planters bring just as much interest to a space as the plants themselves. Hart Concrete Design in Costa Mesa, CA.
  • Concrete planters can bring an element of unexpected design to any exterior or interior space. Mary Martha Collins.

Concrete planters are usually thought of as big, industrial containers that are purely functional, rather than decorative. However, this couldn't be further from the truth for these artisans who specialize in creating custom concrete planters. Because of concrete's inherent decorative flexibility, it can be cast in nearly any shape and finished in nearly any color; thus, making it the perfect medium for beautiful and creative planters, pots and flower beds.

Concrete can be used to make planters that blend with any garden or house style. Such planters can be used indoors or outdoors and are made of a lightweight concrete mix. Sizes can range from tabletop pots, to large outdoor troughs. Concrete planters of varying sizes, shapes or colors can be grouped to create an attractive container garden. They can feature a drain hole for easy outdoor watering and can be sealed to protect them from weathering. However, many artisans feel that concrete planter's biggest appeal is their earthiness and how their appearance changes over time.

Making Your Own Concrete PlantersCasting your own concrete planters can be a fun project. This way you get the exact shape, size and color you want. You can build your own molds or use items such as a bowl, bucket or even old food containers. It is also helpful to increase the strength of standard bagged concrete with fibers.

Where to Buy Concrete PlantersOften any company who makes cast concrete countertops will have the skills, materials and tools to be able to make planters. Below is a sampling of companies that offer concrete planters.

Concrete Wave Design
Specializing in timeless, handcrafted pieces, including table planters in two sizes, available through their online store.

Opus Stone
Opus Stone designs and manufactures handmade concrete products. Recently, they have begun offering a line of concrete planters that are designed specifically for shallow root plants, such as succulents. They offer runner and centerpiece designs in a variety of colors including graphite, natural, sandstone, Miami buff and white. Sizes range from 18 inches long by 3 inches tall to 10 inches square by 3 inches tall. Colors and sizes can be customized with a special order. Find out more on Opus Stone’s website.

Hart Concrete Design
Hart Concrete Design is a company that began specializing in precast concrete countertops, but has recently branched out into making custom planters and pots. HCD's planters come in seven different styles, can be ordered in sizes ranging from 6" to 30", are offered in smooth, sand or aggregate finishes, and come in six unique colors. If this isn't enough options, HCD will create custom planters tailored to your exact needs. The planters are made from an environmentally friendly and lightweight concrete mix, with a high concentration of fly ash. Planters from HCD can be purchased through their new online store.

Mary Martha Collins
Mary Martha Collins is a California based artist who casts sculptural concrete objects, vessels, and furniture. Her outdoor planters, which feature classic forms and thick rims, are exceptionally beautiful. Each of her unique pieces is hand cast with structurally reinforced green concrete. Collins creates planters of nearly every color, ranging from traditional cement grey to vibrant blue and orange. She applies the colors with her hands, employing an abstract motion, until she is happy with the effect. Additionally, her planters can be easily plumbed and used as a fountain.

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