Filled with the experiences and advice of veteran polishers from across the country, Concrete Polishing Today will help contractors gain insight into a complex and changing industry.

Written by technical expert Chris Sullivan, this e-book is a must-read for the professional concrete polisher. It provides behind-the-scenes information and valuable insights on how to be successful in an increasingly competitive industry. Here are five current trends that Sullivan says concrete polishing pros should be aware of:

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Discover five developing trends in concrete polishing from’s new e-book. You’ll also get insights and guidance from veteran polishers that will help you stay profitable in today’s market.

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  1. Minimalist Design
    The clean, simple industrial look is the prevailing design trend for both commercial and residential polished concrete floors.

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  2. New Developments in Equipment
    Today’s concrete polishing equipment offers greater versatility than ever before, accommodating projects of various sizes and budgets.

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  4. Diamond Tooling
    Today’s diamond tooling increases production, remove scratches more effectively, and lasts longer, resulting in better polished finishes.

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  5. Wet vs. Dry Concrete Polishing
    Many installers have adopted a hybrid approach to polishing, using both wet and dry methods as the job warrants.

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  6. Densifiers and Stain Guards
    On-the-job performance and cost are the biggest factors to consider when selecting the best densification system to use.

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